CloneDVDmobile Feature Request

I don’t know if this is the right place to post this - I couldn’t find anywhere else, and I’m sure someone will point out the error of my ways - but what I’d really like CloneDVDmobile to support properly is:

Episodic content

I have any number of TV series on DVD that I’d like to xfer onto my PSP, but doing each episode as a seperate job is a real pain. What I’d like is to pick out all the DVD “chapters” on a disc to recode, specify a root name of “show title_Sxx” (where x is series number) and a suffix of “Eyy” where y is the episode number for each “chapter”.

This way I can do a single DVD in one pass rather than n passes (where n = number of episodes on the disc - 6 in some cases).

Does anybody else feel this would be a worth addition to an already formidable product?

FWIW, I bought the entire SlySoft product suite some time ago, ever since AnyDVD allowed me to make a backup of “Layer Cake” for my laptop…

There is alot I could recommend for CloneDVDmobile. But, it’s all found in Lathe 1.5 for only 8 bucks.

Yeah, it would be useful if it did this.

Have both iPod and PSP products that do this.


Lathe doesn’t have a demo, and the jesterware tool doesn’t allow you to specify filenames in advance.

Also, jesterware appears to be similar to Xilisoft - they’ll sell you the same application with a slightly different config file again and again…

Free Lathe (just slightly older version) is PocketDivXEncoder -
(though I do not know whether it will satisfy your episodic needs). CloneDVD mobile has served me well enough for portability demands…

The Jesterware iPod program does allow you to specify the filenames, just over type the name in the output column.
The PSP version only allows you to specify a title, assuming because it automatically numbers the PSP file ala MAQxxxxx etc…

I was thinking the same thing today as i just finished the first 2 disks of 24 using autogourdion knot. It is freeware and it works fairly well although i did have to go back
and redo the first episode on the first disk cause it came out at 1.5 gigs and i set it to do each session @ 550mb so i could get 8 episodes on one dvd-r. I just set it & go to bed as it takes hours. With mobile u have to set there & wait 30 mins. for each episode and mobile sometimes is not even close to to the compression u want. Knot does that with precision most of the time.