CloneDVDMobile (DVD ripped AVI is audio only)

I couldn’t find anything on this, but I only looked thru the Mobile info I could find here, maybe it’s more of a CloneDVD question in general, dunno…

Anyway…was giving CloneDVDMobile a try today (never used any of these products before, but having movies on my phone was enough to get me to try it, would be handy if I could get it to work).

I have a Moto MPx220 Smartphone, used AnyDVD and CloneDVDMobile to rip a movie (Rev of the Sith) to AVI, using the 176x220 resolution setting, quality 23.

It churned thru, seemingly working perfectly, but when I play the AVI on my laptop, it only plays the audio.

When I copied to my phone, it won’t even recognize the file from WMP10.

Any ideas before I email support ?

I’m not sure if it’s just my not being familiar w/ this type of a process (ripping a dvd to a file), but the wizard based approach of this software made it seem like I had made the correct choices…so I’m kinda confused.



If you look at this post: you can see, that the Windows Smartphone support is broken in CloneDVD mobile
Either follow the suggestion in the mentioned thread, or wait for an updated version.

Try this it may work as it has worked on a couple of Motorola phones.
Fiirst go to “C:\Program Files\SlySoft\CloneDVDmobile”, and open the file named “Devices.ini”, then add the entry below to the bottom of the list, now save the changes and close the file, now open “CloneDVDmobile” and you will have a new option for “Motorola (3g2)” try this option it may work.

[Motorola (3g2)]

Hope this helps!

thanks for both of those tips, i’ll give them a try tonight…sith has a couple of short things on the DVD i can use to test with.

yes, i did see that thread about the smartphone profile, but when i open up devices.ini, they look fine, there is a small ‘x’ on each of the res and res1 entries…i’ll double-check that tonight, but notepad didn’t show any other characters in there, or anything other than an ‘x’.

i did get a divx version to play using TCPMP on my MPx220, which might work out, but a divx at the lowest resolution is 300-400mb, i haven’t tried to enter a lower resolution in the DIVX ini entries, but if it will work w/ a 176x220 res, then that might do it for me as well if I can’t get the smartphone AVI ini format to work.

thanks, i’ll post back once i play w/ it in case others have similar questions.


it was the ‘x’ issue, didn’t try a different text editor earlier…opened the ini file from a DOS prompt and sure enough, bad characters, changed that and used the smartphone profile and bingo, got it to work…now just have to play around to get the video quality that i want and i’ll be good to go.

thanks for your help…this is so easy to use vs. some other DVD ripping solutions i’ve found, i will probably go buy this suite of tools…very nice…