CloneDVDMobile can't be played on my ipod touch

I’ve been using Clonedvdmobile since it came out. It’s been great. After the last couple of updates from Apple/Quicktime and clonedvdmobile I’ve been getting the message that my iPod can read the Clonedvdmobile file. What I been doing is opening the file in Quicktime Pro and then exporting it as an iPod file. Then everything works fine. The only problem is Clonedvdmobile seems much slower and then the export in Quicktime take time as well. Can anyone tell me if this is a know issue? Is it Apple messing things up with proprietary stuff of is it Clonedvdmobile issue. I’ve tried the conversion on a couple different computers and still the original Clonedvdmobile file can’t be read.

I am having the same problem, but I do not have QuickTime Pro. I have several movies that I have put on my iTouch where I have used CloneDVDMobile. I haven’t used it in awhile. I updated it last night and tried to do 2 more movies for it, but when I tried to put them on my iTouch, it said that it would not play on it.

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