CloneDVDMobile Beta

Hi there

I just bought Clone DVD, AnyDvD and CloneDVD Mobile and everything seems fine but I noticed on Slysoft Products download page a Beta version of Clone DVD Mobile. What is the difference between the Beta version and the original version (which I have downloaded)?
Should I download the Beta Version as well as the original one? or could this cause me trouble? (usually Beta versions of software do give me a wee bit of trouble)
I have a Cowon A2 :slight_smile: …does anyone know if Slysoft are going to accommodate the Cowon A2 on their list of players? At the moment, I rip the DVDs using CloneDVDMobile set at a generic Divx but it would be better (I think, if that player was listed because I don’t know if I have got the best settings)

Harry (Newbie to this forum)

Hullo thar!

I’m using the beta version, it’s working fine for me. The changes are as follows:

Version BETA: 2006 11 27

  • Fix: unicode characters (japanese, greek, …) weren’t displayed
    correctly on PSP and some other devices
  • Fix: selecting “native” resolutions with “Generic DivX” profile
    would abort the encoding process
  • Fix: still some DVDs showed inverted subtitles

Version BETA: 2006 11 24

  • updated mencoder

I have the A2 and I use Generic divx at the players native 480x360 or 270 res

Thanks for that information. SO mjwhitfield you think I should download the beta version?
Scarpad. what do you think of the Cowon A2? Scarpad, have you downloaded the Beta version of CloneDvDMobile?
Have you ever played the Cowon A2 through the television of the ripped DVD via CloneDvDMobile at the settings quoted and what are the results? Are you using a Pal television system setup?
Anyone else tried the Beta version of CloneDvdMobile?
Thanks again