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I’m New To Clonedvd2. I’ve Been Using Anydvd Along With Shrink Forever To Re-auther Main Movie Only, But Have Since Switched To Clonedvd2 So I Can Preserve The Movie Menue.

The Problem I’m Having Is That When The Copy Has Been Made And You Insert The Movie Into The Dvd Player, The Movie Just Starts Playing Instead Of The Menu. If I Press The Dvd Menu Button On My Remote, The Menu Will Play. The Menu Will Also Start Playing After The Movie Is Over.

So My Question Is: Using Clonedvd2, How Do I Get The Movie Menu To Play First When The Dvd Is Inserted Into The Dvd Player?


Use the second option shown:


Thanks For Responding Alan,

But I Need To Know How To Do This Using The ‘copy Dvd Titles Option’ Because I Want Nothing But The Main Menu And The Movie Itself.


Read this sticky, it might help you.


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Forum Member alan1476 provided a Forum Link to AnyDVD/CloneDVD User Tutorial (

It might also be helpful to review the CloneDVD User Manual, which is easily accessed by clicking on the “Help” icon located in the top right hand corner of CloneDVD software program.


  1. In Anydvd, ensure “Jump directly to Main Movie” is not selected under “Video DVD” on the left (right click Anydvd–>Settings–>Video DVD).

  2. In Clonedvd2, ensure “preserve menus” is checked.