the door dvd RAW does not open end burning
the comput stuck
only restart open the door

You gonna need someone to help you explain what you are talking about.

A one armed monkey writes better then that…LOL

I’ll have a guess at what he is trying to say.
“the door dvd RAW does not open end burning”
The DVD Drive does not open when I have finished burning
“the comput stuck”
The computer has locked
“only restart open the door”
I have to restart the computer to enable me to remove the DVD from the drive.

I hope someone can help him with his problem.

or it could be;

“the door dvd RAW does not open end burning”

My door’s video entitled RAW does not open and it really burns my A$$.

“the comput stuck”

the computer is now stuck in the rear end of the samesman I bought it from.

The computer has locked

because of this damn computer I am now in jail.

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Cmon folks, a little more compassion here. It’s obvious English is that persons first language but is looking for help. Rather then mock them, put the shoe on the other foot and see how you would attempt to ask for help in a foreign language.

I believe you meant to say the draw does not open when you are finished burning the DVD. Please click on the “Eject” button when the message appears and the drawer should open for you, no need to reboot.

hadida, it sounds like you are saying the computer locks up at the end of a burn, and you have to reset to get the disc out. What version are you using? Seems like I remember that problem from an older version.