CloneDVD2 writing DL media takes forever on Lite-On SOHW-1693S - any ideas?

Hi all,

I’m trying out CloneDVD2 (latest version, and copied a DVD to DVD5 media ok, but when I tried going to DVD DL media it only did 5% overnight even though the DVD writer seemed to be running continuously. (I think it said it had 18105 minutes to go in the morning!)

I’m reluctant to run more tests with the cost of the DL media (and I don’t have any more on hand anyway) so I’m wondering if anyone has an “aha!” for me…

The DVD writer is Lite-On SOHW-1693S, with firmware KS0B (the latest). I noticed that the CloneDVD2 update history says “Fix: DVD+R Dual Layer writing failed with some DVD Writer models (e.g., Sony DRU-820A)”. As I understand the SOHW-1693S is the same as the Sony DRU-800A I’m wondering if there are any other issues here.

One other point - I let the write speed default to “maximum”. The media I’m using is Verbatim 94912, which says on it both “2.4X SPEED” and “UP TO 8X SPEED WITH COMPATIBLE HIGH SPEED DVD+R DL DRIVES”. Is that a problem? The drive can do 4X on DL media.

I was able to make a copy with no problems with NTI DVD Maker and I set that to 2.4X just in case.

Any thoughts appreciated. I like CloneDVD2 but before I purchase it I want to be sure I can use it!

Hi afecu,

I had a 1693S and burned some DVD +R DL with it, using CloneDVD2, with no problems at all.

Please check in Device Manager if DMA is enabled in the IDE controller where the DVD burner is attached to.

Another possibility is bad media quality. The media can have some imperfections which are avoiding the normal burning process.

Yes, the controller is in Ultra DMA Mode. (This is W2K.) The media’s Verbatim which is supposed to be good for DL.

I suggest you check to make sure you have the latest firmware revision, then. You can find it in the LiteOn forum here on CDF. EDIT: Yup, and if I could read I’d have seen you said you have the latest. :slight_smile: Sorry about that.