CloneDvd2 won't copy dvd's!

First off, I’m sorry to be making this new thread but I may have looked through hundreds of threads for about 2 hours now and i still can’t find a solution to me problem… :confused: This is the best site I’ve come across so here I go!

I have always used Winavi to convert my downloaded avi’s to dvd’s and usually burn them with either winavi itself or nero 8 with no problems. However recently, a friend wanted a couple of copies of the movies i’ve already burned. I tried to use CloneDvd2 to both copy dvd titles AND clone dvd but I get the error message saying the dvd isn’t properly mastered or something…:sad: Is there anyway I can fix this problem without having to RE-download the file or rip them again on to my hard drive? If not, what would be the best program to rip the dvd? I am using the latest CloneDvd and Anydvd. I don’t know what else to do and my head is about to explode:a!!! If anyone can help thank you very much in advanced!