CloneDVD2 vs. DVDXCopy - Fight!

Ok so who wants to field this one?

Anybody up to the challenge?

I’d like to see comparison pics if someone’s got em…

Due to the MASSIVE overpowering advantage gain by Clonedvd
i’m afraid that Dvdxcopy refused to come for round one.
Look how can you compare a Formula 1 car with a Skoda?.
I even think it’s insulting to CloneDVD to even think of such a

The TRUTH is a LIE waiting to be told.

Well. i use clonedvd for making a backup to a dvd+rw first to see if the movie has no bugs before I burn it to a dvd+r, clonedvd doesn’t have spyware in it.

Dvd x copy has an anoying 321 warning screen in it (this is an invisible watermark on which one can see who purchased the program) You can remove it simply with vobrator and ifoedit.

Both have good quality. Only they should work on the matter of being able to make an backup of an backup without hangs or freezes.

CloneDVD all the way :iagree:
And with CloneDVD 2 things are looking even better. For once it’s nice to see software that changes to a whole new version actually has some significant changes.
The changes coming in CloneDVD 2 are going to give you more control then ever. :smiley: