CloneDVD2 vs CloneDVD2? Which is what?

Could someone please explain the difference between CloneDVD and CloneDVD2? Is it that slysoft makes CloneDVD, and Elby the latter?..but look at this page for CloneDVD2 and this page for CloneDVD 2. :doh: Pretty confusing for this newb.

Which is regarded as the better program?
Which program is this forum is referring to?

Any posts on this matter would be welcome.

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Welcome to the forum. Which is better? Well as they’re the same program, no contest I believe. CloneDVD2 is the winner! :iagree:
Elby are the manufacturer & slysoft the marketers.

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The information that you desire is clearly posted at the SlySoft Web Site.

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Also, don’t be confused by That is a different program and is complete garbage.