cloneDVD2 vs 1clickdvdcopy PRO

i’ve always used CLoneDVD2, and i love it (with DVDRB sometimes, but i hate wating that long) but recently i’ve had problems with discs that are scratched.
1click seems to do these just fine, although it seems to take a little longer (i think)
is this program as good as cloneDVD (quality wise)
i’d be willing to switch, as i need to be able to copy moderately scratched discs (although i love cloneDVD2’s interface, and i’ve always been impressed with the quality)

Its really a close call. Clone2DVD has a better GUI and is really better suited for use with AnyDVD but OneClick will also work just fine with it. One Click is not as sensitive to scratched discs as Clone, either one is a great buy.