CloneDVD2 & VOBBlanker

I have been able to use Vobblanker after transcoding with CloneDVD2, to sucsessfully remove unwanted material. The resulting file created by Vobblanker can be opened with CloneDVD2 afterwards.
However when I process with Vobblanker initially to get rid of the unwanted material, CloneDVD2 is unable to open the files that Vobblanker creates.
An error message that states: DVD Manager 5 24 invalid Book Part Version, appears when I select the file for source.
I assume this to mean a problem with the layer break?
I am trying to do the blanking and cutting first hand, to minimize compression, when I transcode for a single layer disk.
Can anyone tell me if this is doable, and if so what I may be doing wrong?
TIA :bow:

why would you use Vobblanker with CLoneDvd? Clonedvd lets you remove stuff you don’t want on the dvd. VobBlanker is a great program and I use it with Nero Recode. I just don’t get why you’re using it with CloneDvd.

clonedvd only lets you remove full title sets and only allows cutting at chapter points.

VobBlanker is MUCH more precise. Those are just 2 good reasons to use it in conjunction with clonedvd.

Yes! I would like to cut some of the stuff that they’re starting to stuff into the beginning of main chapters (ie: production introductions, some of which take up as much space as a menu, and can be more than one. I see them from the original producers, followed by another from a big name like Sony who picked it up. Not just still shots either. Some are pretty elaborate. And of course the warnings…)
I would like to get rid of all of this before I compress.
The files that I create with Vobblanker initially will play with PowerDVD, but for some reason CloneDVD2 won’t open them, as I mentioned above.

that’s very strange that clonedvd won’t accept them. they are in the correct directory format, right? sometimes that can throw some programs off.

just double check the you are pointing CloneDVD to the “VIDEO_TS” folder and not some user specified movie folder. I’m not sure if this makes a difference, but it’s worth trying out.

do you have dvd shrink or anything else like that on your computer? if so, try loading the files that VobBlanker outputs into that program to determine if it’s a CloneDVD specific issue or if there’s something wrong with the files that VOBBlanker is spitting out. (i doubt it’s the files if you said you can play them in powerdvd…)

i’m not really sure what else to tell you since I’ve never had this problem and I have fed files that were outputted from VobBlanker into CloneDVD before without any complications. theoreticaly it should be able to work.

have you tried more than once? it could be there was some weird glitch the first time around and if you deleted the files and tried ripping/processing again it will work itself out.

i wish i could be of more help!

Thanks for replying.
You have given me some good ideas to work on.
I will experiment with it some more and try to figure out where I’m going wrong. I’ll get back after I’ve tried with a couple of different movies, and different burning software, to see if there are any variables to my problem.
Thanks again.

what are you using to decrypt? if it’s anydvd, then i really see no reason at all why this would be an issue.

anydvd + clonedvd2 usually = awesome.

i’m slightly non-sober at the moment. drunk tech help…wooo!

if anything else comes ot me i’ll be sure to post back.

Sorry about the lapse, but have been busy over the weekend…
I was premature in my assumption that I had a problem with all titles…turns out to be just one, that being The Legend of Zorro.
CloneDVD,AnyDVD work fine on this (movie only,menus preserved). I can transcode it, then use VOBBlanker, without any problems.
However, processing withVOBBlanker first, (even without blanking or cutting any VOBs or cells) results with a file that CloneDVD2 or Nero Recode cannot open.
Clone states that an IFO file cannot be found,(#10) and Nero states invalid dvd navigation structure. ( a look at the files with windows explorer, shows that the file is indeed missing) However the DVD files can be viewed with PowerDVD, with menus working flawlessly.
The root of the problem with using VOBBlanker first, seems to be some multi angle, unsupported cells that are present in this title. VOBBlanker sets up to skip these cells, and in doing so, the resulting file is missing 2 IFO files. (10 & 11) By choosing to process these cells rather than skip them, the result is an error message that states: invalid bookpart version. This I assume to be a layer break problem.
If I process Zorro initially with Clone, AnyDVD, the multi angle unsupported cells are still present. When the resulting file is opened with VOBBlanker, these cells must be processed rather than skipped, to create a file that can be later opened by Clone for transcoding to DVD5.
I have effectivly worked around my problem by processing the movie initially with CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD (movie only, menus preserved) using the custom selection for disk size, choosing a size large enough to give me 100% on quality, burning a DVD file to hard disk, then processing this file with VOBBlanker to remove any remaining material that I want to omit. Then back to Clone to transcode to DVD 5.
I know…a lot of work to get a backup, but I got the movie I wanted, with the least amount of compression by filling a sl disk with only what I wanted for an end result.
I know that this is very long winded, and to someone who is more knowledgable than I there is probably an easier solution. If so please tell me how. :bow: :bow:
I just got on a quest to get what I wanted with this, and if nothing else, to try and determine what the problem might be, since it seemed to be specific to this particular movie.