CloneDVD2 Version Released

Today August 2nd a new revision released.

Revisions Are:

Revision History
Version 2004 08 02
• updated writedvd.dll, elbycdio.sys and elbycdio.dll
• fixed problem with Firefox showing up in minimised state
• chapter trimmer is enabled even when preview is not
• fixed issues with Plextor drives
• changed appearance of output size selector
• fixed autorun suppression (was not working when dialogs were active)
• automatically eject if source and target drives are the same
• changed layout behavior of title preview
• changed CSS protection text
• new: implemented ‘successful’ sound
• new: message to inform users about invalid blocks
• new: system sounds when question, warning and critical dialogs appear
• new: pause/resume while transcoding
• new: retry on read errors while transcoding
• new: Macrovision detection and dialog
• fixed: file system error detection
• improved: handling of writedvd.dll errors
• new: support for 6x and 12x speed
• fixed logfile save/save as behavior (asks for overwrite and more)
• changed help texts
• extended error handling in title selection and preview
• reworked all dialogs and extended error messages with useful tips and of course sheep
• new: support and display of system generated error strings
• new: don’t try to load video files from VIDEO_TS folder if it doesn’t exist
• click on left mousebutton switches between logo and about page
• new: preferences overlay

Thanks in advance for this very nice release Olli :iagree:

The famous “success” sound is HERE!!


@ Ollie

fixed issues with Plextor drives

Does this have anything to do with my wierd problem I was having?

What problems were you having with the Plextor? I own both the 708A and 712A.


@ Mad Burner

If you really wanna know, just have a look at the link

No, but it was a problem reported here in the forum with the 712A not padding correctly the end of track with (AFAIR) -R media.
I don’t find the original thread, but it is here somewhere…

pause/resume while transcoding
This one’s cool ! :smiley:

Hi Olli

Thanks for the new version :slight_smile:

The thread for the PX-712A problem is here. I will test this new version with PX-712A and let you know how it goes.


Hi Olli

I can confirm that the PX-712A problem is now fixed :smiley:

Also some nice new features and sounds. 6X and 12X writing speeds and the drawer doesn’t open when finished :slight_smile:

These are all things that I have seen people asking for on this forum and it’s nice to see a software company that listens to it’s customers and gives them what they want.

Respect to you and the rest of the Elby team :bow: :bow: :bow:


What’s up with the new release? I thought we had a year of updates and now we have to dig out our old license and send it to elby in order exchange it for a new license? I guess AnyDVD getting at least a piece of CloneDVD has prompted them to update their license system. Well, I guess thats fine for the new business partners but to the old buyers of the software it is to say the least, a pain.

Re: License a Pain:

From what I’ve read, upgrading to the new version is a downgrade instead of an upgrade

Yeah, and you get a year of free updates starting from the date you request the license.