CloneDVD2 v2.8.9.2 & episode dvds

I am having some difficulty backing up episodic DVDs and preserving the menus. I am using AnyDVD v5.4.9.1 and CloneDVD2 v2.8.9.2 and trying to rip ‘24’ season 4. I’ve successfully backed up other seasons of ‘24’, but when I rip this one, it starts on the the sub-menu of episode 4, rather than the main menu. I cannot figure out what is causing this. I have AnyDVD set to strip away adverts and trailers. I’ve found that if I uncheck the option to remove adverts and trailers, it does go to the main menu correctly, but I have to sit through FBI warnings and other adverts. This is annoying. The previous versions did not cause this problem. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

This change is by design in the latest AnyDVD version. Many DVDs which didn’t work before work now. I know that on some episodic DVDs you will see this problem. But it is much easier to click “root menu” on your remote if you have this problem, than to skip over the FBI warnings and trailers on the many discs that work now. I hope you agree.