CloneDVD2 unwanted audio



Making backups of species 1,2 and 3 region 2 (uk) using anydvd ver and clonedvd 2 ver (windows xp pro sp2)
When using the above the director comments are recorded but not the main dialog?
But if I use dvdshrink ver with or without anydvd active all is fine
I have not uncounted this problem before with other backups using anydvd and clonedvd 2 combination
Has anybody else experienced this?


What option in CloneDVD2 are you using? 1st or 2nd button? Can you post a picture of the settings on the Audio and Subtitile settings page?

Other problems I have heard it that people select the DTS stream as audio and if you don’t have a DTS compliant player, it will default to any other audio stream you have copied.


@ TeaTime,

Suggest viewing the below Forum posting for information on how to identify and determine what the audio streams are in the CloneDVD software program. Refer to posting #6 comments.

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No I don’t have a DTS compliant player,so that could be the problem

Checked out link very helpful will give that a go as well

Thanks both


Not a problem - hope you get to the bottom of this problem.