CloneDVD2 UI looks strange!

Also sometimes when I have it in normal size it gets messed up looking. Anyone else ever see this?


If thats what it looks like then you really are having problems…hahahahaha

In case anyone is wondering what the link will display, I have provided a PIC below!!!

This is wierd, if you click this link I have provided, it will show a CloneDVD pic, but if you click his link, it will show BARNEY like below


lol what the heck is that???

How do you post photos here? That is not what I posted.



Ok, this is wierd, when I clicked his link the first 5 times, it showed Barney but now I click it, it will show the CloneDVD PIC…

maybe I should just erase that reply, I may look a little crazy

see it now?

My screen rez is 1280 by 960 on a 21’’ monitor.

I still see the barney… :bigsmile:


go to this site to see the pic,12371655~mode=flat

Just resize the CloneDVD window with the mouse to the correct dimensions, it should fix the problem. :slight_smile:



all, he deleted the link

gate1975mlm wrote: My screen rez is 1280 by 960 on a 21’’ monitor.

Mine too, but that how it looks when you make the window fullscreen…

How can I e mail CloneDVD to tell them about this?

Tell them about what? what seems to be the problem? Well anyway if you have problems click this link and you can fill in the proper information…

I have had this before you just have to resize the window (drag it with your mouse untill it is ok but must be done when you are not using it )
as for the link best laugh i have had in ages hahahahaha

I e mailed support at clonedvd so maybe they will fix this.

I don’t think, there is anything which needs to be fixed.

Then why can’t I make cloneDVD full screen and look normal? Like other software

Read and do what dallshead suggests. Just place your mouse at the edge of the window and drag it until the grey background has completely disappeared!

Because CloneDVD is different than other software. You can see the last and next steps. If you change something in your settings, you will even see the changes in the next “film frame”.
If it is a good decision to do it that way is indeed questionable. I have plans to change it in the future. But as it is now is intentional and not a bug.