CloneDVD2 Trial Period over



I have the CloneDVD2 installed and have come to the end of the trial period. A little birdie told me that ya’ll have a special way to extend it. Any help would be very cool. If not, is there a proggie that does this same copy tool for DVD+R from our home movies, DVD to DVD. Many thanks!!!

Guyster :sad:


What a miserable way to start your first post (“A little birdie told me that ya’ll have a special way to extend it.”). You are expected to follow the rules you agreed to when you joined.


Don’t expect cracks or keygens to work either…slysoft has worked very hard to thwart piracy. To keep people that dont pay…OUT.


@guyster7148: The honourable members are correct about artificially extending trial versions of commercial software - we simply do not allow it on CD Freaks. However, following your apology in the ‘Say Hi…’ thread: let’s say no more about it.

If you are copying home movies that probably are not protected, you can use the copy disc function of Nero.

Alternatively, freeware applications to do this can be DVD Decrypter, ImgBurn, or DVD Shrink.


A little birdie told me that RipIt4Me is a free alternative for ripping your DVD movies :wink:


Pay up, or move on to DVD Shrink (which is a better program for my intended uses, more control and higher quality at the cost of longer transcoding times). There’s also Nero Recode that you can get with a cheap Nero Suite disc (comes free with many DVD Burners also) - similar to DVD Shrink but faster. For copying one disc to another that is Single Layer, DVD Decrypter is your answer.


If you like it that bad and does the job for you then is the time to buy it.


Agree percentage100 is good piece of four embedded program that does it all perfectly and is free.