CloneDVD2 - Too much compression on custom setting



When setting the target size on CloneDVD2 ( to 4360 MB the final size ends up about 3.57 Gig resulting in significant quality loss. Compared with another program that allows for custom selection and the resulting size was about 4.25 Gig. I tried some previous versions of CloneDVD2 and they have the same problem.
I like to set this size so that burns are not to the very edge of the disk. This and burning at slower speeds has eliminated the skipping/freezing sometimes encountered near the end of a backup.
Will run some further tests with different custom settings. Have reported to support as I have a registered copy of CloneDVD2 (use in conjunction with AnyDVD). Have heard no response yet.
Has anybody else seen this? How can I go about getting this corrected other than what I have already done? This seems like a relatively simple bug fix.


Try setting it to DVD-5 and let clonedvd fit it for you, the ones i’ve burnt, doesn’t burn right to the edge.


Setting to DVD-5 results in size about 4.34 Gig. When this is burned it uses the disc to very near the edge of the writable area. The dye itself does not seem to go to the very edge. A setting of 4360 on Shrink for example results in a size of about 4.25 Gig, when this is burned there is about 1/16" left unused at the outer edge. The edge can be more easily chipped/damaged or the dye may sometimes be imperfect at or near the outer edge. Maybe I am a little paranoid but like to have this small amount of extra safety margin. Seems like it should be a simple fix for the software maker.


What brand of disc’s are you using?


Ritek G04 Labeled Ridata 4X DVD-R.

My main point is that there is an error (bug) in CloneDVD2. Granted it is minor a most likely affects only a few using the program but it should compress the target to the selected custom size if the source size is larger. While I gave approximate sizes in the above posts it should be noted that Shrink generates an output within about 1 MB of the selected custom size.


Sorry, i don’t use the custom settings, but there are others that do, so they may be able to help you.


OK, thanks for the response. Did a quick calculation and test, if I set custom size to 4600 the resulting target was 4358.7. This is close enough th the desired size of 4360, so I will use it as a ‘workaround’ until it is corrected. When I burn I now get an acceptable safety margin as far as I am concerned.


Glad you worked it out.

& welcome to CDFreaks. :smiley:


This is no “workaround”, everything is correct. The MB input is on a 10 number basis, to reflect the size printed on DVD-R media (Which usually says 4.7GB, hint, hint!).


Yes, makes sense, just had been used to using the interpetation as per Shrink. There when a target size of 4360 was entered the project size would show up as 4360 MB on the Roxio EZ 6 burn program (with about 120 MB spare). It is just a matter of adjusting to the interpetation of size for CloneDVD versus Shrink, which I had been using for a while. Setting custom to 4600 MB for CloneDVD gives me the result I was looking to get.

I have purchased AnyDVD and CloneDVD (along with CloneCD) after trying them out for a while. I have been using DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink for quite a while and supported their authors. They both were and IMHO still are good programs and in conjunction with AnyDVD will probably remain quite usefull for a long time. So far the big advantage I see with CloneDVD is ease of use and speed. The DVDD/Shrink combo is slower but seems to give better results (with deep analysis) for movies that require high compression.


The quality produced by the softwares you metioned have been discussed many times on various threads. I have yet to be convinced that DVDShrink with deep analysis provides a better picture. Mind you I’m no engineer, I can only judge on what my eyes see, and frankly I see no difference other than the clock showing me the time I saved. But each to his own, if you feel the quality is better, then by all means use that combo. Glad to see you got your problem worked out.