CloneDVD2 SneakPreview

Just backed up School Of Rock with menus and movie only showing quality bar at 95%. The movie looked great but when the dvd started (right before the menu) there were a lot of blocks when the Paramount screen was playing.

I think I remember seeing this same thing when the first CloneDVD came out.

P.S. When you look at the video bitrate while it is transcoding the very first part of the transcode is real low(below the first dotted line) then it catches up to the original.

This does not happen with movie only just when I add the menu.


could you please try this backup again: just create DVD files to hdd (no burning is necessary)
and send the contents of the log window to
(Note: right klick in the log window to save its contents)

Thank you.

@ Gor,

Yes Ill send you the log but I wont get back home for a couple of hours. Thank You for responding. Great software!!

it happened to me once but using the older version prior to clonedvd2. i backed up mickey mouse house of villain but when they are showing the “walt disney dvd pure digital…” all of them showed blocks.

I believe the Paramount screen, at the beginning of the dvd before the menu, is also part of the main movie because when you do a movie-only backup the Paramount screen starts at the beginning of the movie but without the blocks.