CloneDVD2 SneakPreview out

Click here to download it :

Hi CDFreaks,

the elby team is proud to announce the updated Sneak Preview edition version

You can download it from:

Many thanks go to all translators, beta and preview testers, bug reporters and the users of CloneDVD for making this version possible.

And of course a special !!thank you!! must go to the CDFreaks community for providing extraordinary support!!!

The highlights of this version:

  • it is now possible to change and stop the sheep animation, just click the sheep with the right mouse button.
  • “invert for split” support to let CloneDVD invert your current Title/Chapter selection for the second DVD of a split-configuration. This feature is accessible using the right mouse button on the title selection page.
  • and of course: many bug fixes (see below).

happy cloning!!!

Changes since the first Sneak Preview version:


  • fixed: rate interval handling was incorrect for small vob groups
  • changed: optimized output size of cleared vobus
  • changed: provide initial scale for vob groups with changed rate interval
  • fixed: rate control for multi angle was incorrect
  • fixed: rare event of extremely high quantization when it was not needed
  • fixed: rate control was sometimes broken with a picture slide show
  • changed: runtime optimization

IFO/VOB engine:

  • new: fixup module to truncate invalid title unit tables
  • changed: reimplemented angle-greying support
  • new: remuxer now supports video greying
  • fixed: problem in angle marking


  • fixed: path-functions were broken
  • fixed: unicode pathnames were not accepted


  • fixed: the small CloneDVD was not looking very appealing
  • fixed: chapter numbers output in log was 0 based instead of one-based
  • optimized: 2x speedup of stream selection scanner
  • changed: stream selection scan results are reused whenever possible
  • fixed: highlight color for the entries in the title listview on the
    stream selection page was not set correctly
  • fixed: help-button was not resizing properly
  • new: added Browse… entry to the title selection history box
  • new: implemented sheep animation menu
  • fixed: when using the third usecase, DVD input files are always taken from
    VIDEO_TS subdirectory if available.
  • changed: increased height by 15 pixels
  • fixed: preview ignored errors and was not able to display them
  • changed: snapshot area will be replaced by a “not available” label if it is not used
  • new: invert for split support (use right mousebutton over the title selection,
    only available when menus are enabled and the current selection is suitable
    for a split inversion)
  • new: bitrate graph is now available while remuxing
  • updated: language support: de it fr nl sv hu sr el ru cs et mk sk
  • new: question mark symbol for making context help more accessible


  • fixed: registration key file suffixes were not set correctly

ISO/UDF Formatter:

  • changed: Application ID and Developer ID

Title Configuration :

Before ( v. )

Now ( v. )

Audio and Subtitle Settings :

Before ( v. )

Now ( v. )

Excellent work, bravo Elby Team ! :smiley:

Excellent work!!!Goood job!!!:bigsmile: :bigsmile:

@BoSkin, this should explain the gain
in quality… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:



Originally posted by armin
- fixed: rate control for multi angle was incorrect

Originally posted by eltranquil

@BoSkin, this should explain the gain
in quality… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Well, I hoped it was thanks to … :wink:

Originally posted by armin

… the CDFreaks community for providing extraordinary support!!!