CloneDVD2 significantly slower


Having used CloneDVD2 for quite a while I’ve recently experienced a massive increase in the time it is taking to read DVD’s. It used to take around 30mins but is now taking anywhere up to 180mins. The only changes to my PC since this increased reading time are the installation of Napster and MUV Audio.

I’m wondering whether anyone else has experienced something similar, especially as I think MUV Audio may be the main culprit.

If anyone can help me, it would be greatly appreciated.

Most likely, XP has changed your DVD drive(s) setting(s) to PIO. Go into Device Manager and, under IDE ATA/ATAPI Contollers, change all drives back to “DMA IF AVAILABLE” on both channels. You MUST reboot. Go back to Device Manager and check that the drives you re-set are now reading DMA. If DM doesn’t accept DMA after rebooting, I know Ireland made a great post about how to make the change permenant. Others here will post that link if you have a problem setting your drive to DMA in XP. I gotta go to work.

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Thanks for the advice. I’ve done what you’ve said and the secondary IDE channel was set to ‘PIO’, so I changed it to ‘DMA if available’. I rebooted and the change stuck but having tried to copy another DVD the read time is still 100mins. Under the primary IDE channel, where ‘enable this device’ is, it’s blank and you can’t change it. I don’t know if this makes any difference at all?

@ dodo1979,

Suggest viewing the below Forum Posting and note Forum Member ireland’s (posting #4) comments concerning setting DMA.

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You should have speeded way up after you changed your settings… back to your old 30 min timeframe.

Under each channel (Primary & Secondary) two devices can be listed. But if you only have one device on a channel, only one will appear and the other one will be blank or greyed-out, so, of course, there is nothing there to change. (BTW: my info is for Windows 2000 but XP should be the same)

Plain vanilla IDE (off the motherboard) allows for 2 drives per channel for a total of 4 internal drives. Unless you have a second drive-controller plugged into a PCI slot which allows for 4 more drives. And/Or unless your motherboard has RAID channels configured to 1 drive per array which will trick Windows into thinking there are four more IDE drives.

So … How many total hard disk drives, DVD rippers and DVD burners do you have inside your computer case? (Not counting the floppy drive)

And how much available space do you have on your hard drive(s)?

Also do you know how to check the size of your pagefile in windows?

You may need the link bjkg provided if all drives are not reading DMA. Sorry if I threw to much at you but the solution could be a couple of different problems

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The primary and secondary channels seem to be reading DMA. I was going to upload some screenshots but all the images seem to exceed the limit on this site.

Instead, I’ve uploaded various screenshots to one of my test web pages, you’ll see an index on the main page. Just click on the screenshots folder and all the images will be there for you to peruse. The images look shocking in the browser so just save them to your computer. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that but I thought I’d throw it into the mix anyway.

I’ve got 1 hard drive, 2 x DVD burner/writers as you’ll see from the screenshots. If you have any problems accessing the images let me know and I’ll think of an alternate way for you to view them.

I followed through the steps in Irelands link. I backed up my registry and ran regedit. Not sure if I did it correctly especially in the section when he’s discussing UDMA 66, 33 etc. I didn’t really follow that section.

Once again, any help on this will be greatly appreciated.



Acknowledging your post back but I’ve got no time. Gotta go to work (AGAIN!). DMA settings are usually the reason for a sudden slow down in backup time but could be other factors (available drive space, fragmentation, page file size locked too small etc). Invititing anyone to help dodo1979 with his problem. bjkg, you’re good at this stuff right?

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@ dodo1979,

I have viewed your screenshots and it appears that you have your DMA mode set correctly on all your channels and devices.

Have you ensured that you have all background activities curtailed when making your back up copies? This includes any anti-virus, peer-to-peer file sharing, surfing the Internet, and such activities? To find what items that are actually running Start/Run – enter ‘MSCONFIG’. Then click on ‘StartUp’. Uncheck any unnecessary items.

Perchance have you inadvertently turned your Windows IMAPI service to automatic? Sometimes this can cause problems. Here’s how to check the status of your Windows IMAPI service.
1.Go to Start/Settings/Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Services/IMAPI CD-Burning Services
2.Right-click IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service, then choose Properties.
3.Change the Startup Type to Manual
4.Select Start/click OK.
5.Reboot your system

As suggested by Forum Member Whisperer1 how much empty unused space remains on your Hard Drive? To conserve Hard Drive space on the CloneDVD Output Page check ‘Delete Temporary Video Files After Writing’. Then Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools/Disk CleanUp and remove all unnecessary items.

Perchance have you enabled ‘Hard Disk Compression’ on your Hard Drive. If so this slows down the accesses of your hard drive.

Have you defragmented your Hard Drive? Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools/Disk Defragmenter.

These are just some things to check on. After checking on these suggested items please return to the Forum and provide a status update of your problem.

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From your screenshots, why is the current transfer mode “Not Applicable” for both Device 0 and 1 in Primary and Secondary IDE Channels? Shouldn’t it at least say UDMA 0-5 or PIO?

Is this XP Pro or Home Edition? For mine, XP Pro have 2 entries each for Primary and Secondary IDE Channels, whereas Home has 1 entry each. Each entry corresponds to a subkey (0000-0005, etc.) in the registry.

In XP Pro, if I select the first entry of each IDE channel, it would say “Not Applicable”, and the second entry would say some UDMA number. Maybe this is what you did.

You don’t need to be doing this. Just my cents.

If all attempts to restore the highest DMA mode fail, then resort to delete the MasterIdDataCheckSum and/or SlaveIdDataCheckSum entry in one of the subkeys.

Since XP reduces the transfer mode after 6 cumulative time-out or CRC errors, there’s an alternative less-aggressive method to have the system reduce only after 6 consecutive time-out or CRC errors.

More info here:;en-us;817472

Scroll down to the bottom to the MORE INFORMATION section. Add the ResetErrorCountersOnSuccess value to the same place where the …CheckSum values are.

Friend of mine had same problems with slowness of CloneDVD2 and he said to uninstall it and re-install and it worked fine after…