CloneDVD2 says it has no exclusive access to the drive - backup unable 2b completed

I’m using latest AnyDVD (v in conjunction with CloneDVD (v on my Dell Inspiron 8200 (768MB SDRAM), running WinXP SP2. I have internal DVD-ROM drive [TOSHIBA DVD-ROM SD-C2502 1D13 03/08/01] and a USB2 connected external DVD MULTI Drive [LENOVO USB_MULTIBURNER3 F6S3 2006/12/20 13:46]. The laptop didn’t have USB2 as standard so some time ago I purchased a Belkin PCMIIA Card USB2 port (dual ports). It is through this port that I’ve the external DVD writer connected.

As a very recent and new user of these software and of backing up CSS-protected media, I’ve already attempted making a backup copy of a Region Free [All] DVD using Sonic RecordNow [Multimedia Center for Think Offering, Build: 2.4.13e, Sonic Solutions 2005] with AnyDVD running in the background. It recognised the media in the external USB2 DVD writer (I was using DVD-R DL as well as DVD+R DL). The CloneDVD copy process went OK, except it only recognised 4.4GB on the blank media prior to commencing burning when in fact the media is Dual-layered and 8.5GB. Anyway on testing on two different stand alone DVD players (Pioneer and Panasonic) with copies of the Sonic RecordNow burnt DVDs on -R DL and +R DL respectively the movie in both copied disks seemed to stop (freeze) at a point just over half-way through the movie.

It was then that I purchased CloneDVD2. However, after the writing of files to the temporary cache it would stall at the point when writing would commence with the error message: CloneDVD2 says it has no exclusive access to the drive.

I have searched various threads and FAQs and I have learnt that it is probable that there are other drivers attempting or accessing the external drive at the same or in conflict with it. I don’t understand this or how to diagnose it.

Another thread has indicated to me that packet-writing (direct drop) software installed could be interfering and causing the CloneDVD software to 'think’it doesn’t have exclusive access to the external USB2 drive. I know that the Roxio CD Creator 5 and the Sonic Record Now [Audio/Copy/Data] have such 'packet-writing software. But I don’t particularly want to have to uninstall this and anything else that’s conflicting.

Could it be that running the USB connection through the USB2 enhancing card in the PCMIIA card slot is causing interference?

I haven’t tried to run it through the original USB ports on the laptop, but I know that these are only USB1 equipped.

Any assistance and tips for further diagnosis or solution would be greatly appreciated.

Planet Lars :slight_smile: