CloneDVD2 Questions

I have a couple of questions about CloneDVD2 for which I haven’t been able to find a good answer.

  1. If I set CloneDVD2 to NOT erase the contents of the C\CloneDVDTemp directory after completing a burn, do the contents get erased anyway if I try to use the “Back” button to go back to the first screen to select “Burn Existing Data” and change the burn speed for a second burn of the same files? I’d sometimes like to burn the same data at a different speed as a test without re-reading the original disc or closing the program, but when I try this and select the VIDEO_TS directory as a source for “Burn Existing Data”, the directory is empty. However, if I close CloneDVD2 completely after a burn and then re-open it, the files from the last burn are still there in the CloneDVDTemp directory.

  2. Is CloneDVD2 supposed to automatically kill the WinXP screensaver when it’s opened and re-enable it when the program is closed? Or must the user do this manually through the Control Panel every time CloneDVD2 is run? I thought I once read something in the forum about this, but I can’t find anything lately.

instead of going all the way back to the first screen just go back 1 time and click on the “preferred speed” box and select the speed you want to burn at and hit the “go” button.

i’m not 2 sure if it does now or not. i just turn it to “never” before i read and write a dvd to be on the sure side.

Rather than reley on a temp file, why not burn initially to a dvd file? This will afford you the oppurtunity to view your results with a pc player (ie Nero Showtime, Powerplay, etc.) If you have room on your hard drive to make a temp file, you will have room for a dvd file instead.
Afterwards, you can use this file in any manner you choose.
As for your second question, it’s been a while, but I think way back, one had to choose to disble the screensaver when burning, but I think it is done automatically in the later versions of CloneDVD2.

Thanks for all the tips guys. But just for my own information I’d still like to know -

  1. Is there a point in CloneDVD2 where it will delete the files in the CloneDVDTemp directory when using the BACK button, even though I’ve told it not to, and exactly where is that point?

  2. Is CloneDVD2 supposed to automatically kill the screensaver in WinXP and re-enable it on exit? If not, was it ever a feature in some versions, but maybe dropped in later versions?

And I’m going to add one more question -

  1. What, exactly, does the MAX write speed setting indicate in CloneDVD2? Does it set the maximum write speed according to what the media reports it’s capable of? Or does it set the write speed according to what the drive is capable of, regardless of the media? In other words, if I put an 8X DVD+R in a drive capable of 16X writing and leave the speed setting on MAX, will CloneDVD2 attempt to write the 8X media at 16X or will it drop back to 8X to accomodate the max speed of the media? In the log file, it only shows the writing speed as MAX, and not what MAX actually was.

Maybe someone from ElaborateBytes or SlySoft can weigh in here and clarify some of these questions that don’t seem to be answered in the documentation?

The program will only write the media at the speed the program detects the speed your burner will allow, if you have a 16X DVDRW and are using 8X media, the program will only burn @8X with some exceptions for media that will burn @12X while only being 8X media. (MCC003 as an example) The setting of Max, will allow you to burn as fast as the media and the burner will allow.

After backing up a dvd and you want to save the file go to clonedvdtemp and change the name to whatever movie it is and then it will not be erased when you start over to copy another movie. I would not worry about the screensaver -if it comes up just move the mouse and it will go away or set it to come on after 30 minutes . As far as I know clonedvd does not kill the screensaver . I leave my setting on max speed but other people like to go at a slower speed for some media. Hope this helps you a little. Good luck.


  1. when you go back to the beginning page
  2. making any changes in the movie titles
  3. making any changes in the audio page.
    and alan1476 beat me to the max speed.

Now I KNOW! Thanks for all the input!