CloneDVD2 quality issue

I did an experiment with CloneDVd2. I opened it as usual to make a backup copy of one of my DVDs. I WANT to preserve the quality of the DVD so I am going to split it using 2 DVDs. I set the target size to DVD-5 and click the scissors and remove chapters until the quality bar reaches 100%. I only choose English audio and subtitles and director’s comments. I use the DVD files option and save to the hard drive. The size of the VIDEO_TS folder is 4.36 GB ( max for a DVD ). Now the curious part. I do everything the same except now instead of using the target size of DVD-5, I make a custom setting of 9900 MB. I am removing the same chapters as before as if I were saving to a DVD. When I check the size of the folder, it is larger than 4.36 GB. I’ve tried a few movies and the sizes ranged from 4.41 GB to 4.76 GB. This means that CloneDVD2 is transcoding these movies to fit a DVD ( 4.36 GB ) and therefore the 100% that the quality bar states in inaccurate. ~0.43 GB more than 4.36 GB is about a 10% loss in quality. I know some might think that this is small loss and I am being picky. To fix this, I am removing 1 or even 2 chapters below what CloneDVD2 claims is 100% on the quality bar to disable the transcoder. Anyone have any comments? Basically, why does CloneDVD2 claim 100% quality retention when it isn’t and is this amount of compression noticeable?

The main thing is thatwith such a small amount of data over the normal 100% threshold is that a good amount of data on a dvd is redundant and is probably not needed as far as quality is concerned. So the 10% or so over the max on a single layer dvd is probably minuscle enough to be just redundant and adds no quality to the movie. CloneDVD masters the just what is needed to give 100% quality to the movie.


Can you recognize any difference or loss in quality watching the backup on TV?
How many pixels are missing?

CloneDVD2 “claims” what you can see on its quality bar. Nothing more, nothing less.