CloneDvd2 problems

I’m running version of CLone Dvd and also anydvd. My pc runs windows xp and is 2.5ghz and 512mb ram. My dvd-burner is a Pioneer DVR-108. Everytime I try to copy a dvd, I get a bad media error message. Does anyone have any idea of what the problem may be? Thanks

What media are you using?

I’m using DVD-R

Go here and do some reading.

I think wht Wyrman meant was what brand media are you using, not the format type as you stated.
Make sure your burn speed, under “preferred speed” in CloneDVD2 does not exceed what the media is rated at. Cheap media is not a good idea, after burning some coasters the value disappears quickly, as well as the time spent.


Not very good media, media comes from various manufacturers, sometimes you can wind up with real crap. IMHO, best media available is Taiyo Yuden, hard to come by though, most box stores don’t carry it.

You can get it here, very reliable vendor.

Wazzup? I am in the navy stationed in smoggy japan.Graet to visit sucks to survive here, Anyways I am new to these postings here, not nessasarily to the ideas involved. I upgraded from a backup of clone dvd to dvd2 and it works great except as before now I have issues with the audio on movies such as gothica and my first fifty dates I show complete movie all is well untill I go to play back and surprise the audio will be overrun by rather annoying comentary at best and no audio at all at worst with the video being otherwise outstanding quality for a backup. I am on a amd 1600+ home “project POS” with xp pro installed a lousy 400 watt power supply ect.That is another issue all to geather the blasted thing recently started to get a green "stripe is the best word accross the top and it freezes up totally forcing me to reboot I was searching around and it is leading me to beleive my ram at a whimpy 512 is nowhere near enough anymore. That I realize but is this really the culprit or is this a doomed peice of crap I am using. :bow: :bigsmile: anyways I realize that this string is off the subject but am really short of face time on the glass here, due to the better half always complaing about the glass time and how I don’t do anything else. Thanks for your advise in advance …

The equipment you mention is more than adequate to burn DVD’s, 512 Ram is more than enough for XP, and a 400 watt power supply is very generous.

Are you using the current (not Beta) version of AnyDVD in addition to CloneDVD2?

Possibly a region issue, what region is the DVD you’re trying to burn.

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I have used the cheap stuff from compusa and it works… but it too has occasional bad disks…
the stuff I have found that is reliable without any failures and is really cheap is the stuff from “Legacy”… I buy it from
here is a link… there is cheaper yet stuff… but I can’t vouch for it.
Mine will all copy at 4X… I have the sony dwu14-a that has been firmwared up to a dru-510


Sure some of the cheap stuff works, but the question is will it work a year from now when the dyes on the disk deteriorate, I for one don’t want to take that chance for all my hard labor.

Well I see your point… just not sure I agree with it… in this dog eat dog world… people will sell anything if it will sell… true you get what you pay for many times, but many times you don’t either!

I really think folks sell crap out there if they can make you think its not… it does’nt bother them… Memorex is an excellent example!.. working off of thier good name from years ago… selling crap!

DVD supposedly doesn’t deteriorate as I have read… I know its debatable… but I read it on this forum… dont’ care to take the time to look it up again!

Anyway… the stuff I recommend…if its bad later on… that may be, but it consistently good now… consistency goes along way in my book. Because to have not failures, means either you have very tight quality assurance control, or its so stinkin good, that even the bad ones are good!..
either way… I can’t see paying big bucks for disks that often burn worse than a good company with lesser expensive stuff.
the proof is in the pudding … so to speak!

I suppose if I"m putting info on the disks that is worth thousands of dollars… like secret info about cutting edge technology or business stuff… I would want the expensive stuff as to not take a chance… but for movies?.. nah!

How much work is it to make a movie?.. decrypt it and burn it… your done in about 30 - 45 min… and for a buck you can go rent it again and do it later?

I agree that there is are things that people pay top price for becase of the name that one assumes is quality, but in reality it’s not. To remain competitive many companies have had to cut back on quality if they are to exist. We have become a throw away society and price usually decides what we buy.

It takes me longer than you to complete a DVD for my collection. I always make a cover for it with original artwork, so it takes extra time and cost to complete this chore. Using the scanner, and touching up the photo’s if needed. I’m a bit of a perfectionist (wife calls me Felix Unger).
I don’t wish to go through all that work and find out in a year or two that the DVD won’t work. I always use Taiyo Yuden for my burns and have not had a bit of trouble with that media. So for the extra money I have peace of mind and will only have to do it once.
Each to his own though, what may be important to one person may be insignificant to another, that’s what makes the world go round.

well this really sucks, I have a lot of dvds on memorex dvd-r’s. Are these Taiyo Yuden disks really the best, and will they last longer than memorex

I would not assume that the life span of any brand media is any better than some other brand at this point. Most of the Memorex media I’ve used is actually CMC, and I’ve never had any problems with it.
My personal media preference these days is Ritek. It has a good quality reputation, is usually readily available, and reasonably priced.


Only time will tell how long the disks will last because consumer available single layer disks is relativly new.
Moisture, sunlight, will all come into play on how long the dye that is sandwiched between two layers lasts.
Is Taiyo Yuden the best? I think so, do some searches and see what others with experience in the field have to say.

You know what they say about assuming. Just because your car started everyday for the past 5 years doesn’t mean to say it will start tomorrow.
Like most things in life you get what you pay for, most of the time.

I agree with you about “assuming” - it was the point I was trying to make. Good performance of a particular manufacturer’s media for burning and initial use purposes, is not necessarily an indication of durability over the long term (although one would certainly hope there is some correlation there).
Media is further complicated by brand names which don’t necessarily have anything to do with what media is actually in the package. I tried Ritek G04 media based upon consistently complimentary comments from folks in the dvdrhelp forum, and I’ve been sticking with it due to excellent personal experiences with it, so far. And I can get it over the internet under the Ritek brand name so I know what I am buying - and even at a good price with free shipping. I’m sure hoping the dvd’s I’ve made will continue playing successfully for a long time - but know there are no guarantees. Remember laser discs? I have a bunch which were commercially pressed, always stored properly, played only a few times, look absolutely pristine - and are basically almost unwatchable due to laser rot. I surely didn’t anticipate a manufacturing process which resulted in deterioration over time when I was buying them.
In all honesty, my personal experience with burning cd’s and dvd’s so far is that “coasters” and/or poor playability of burned media are rarely the result of the blank media itself. Problems usually turn out to be the software, the capabilities or environment of the computer doing the burning, or the critter sitting between the chair and the keyboard. But then I don’t push burn speeds to the max (of a drive or media) and maybe I’ve just been lucky in my purchases so far.
Anyway, it is a fun hobby, and I enjoy learning from others and sharing whatever bits I learn along the way whenever it seems appropriate.
Thanks much.

Memorex is the worst media you can use, my memorex CD-R’s from 1999 are totally filled w/ errors now and some aren’t even readable :frowning:

I strongly advise using them, ANYTHING is better than Memorex :smiley:

Good media is all in quality control. Taiyo Yuden does it best to make sure you are getting the best before it’s name goes on. Memorex uses sveral manufacturers so you really never know what your getting.

As you can see from L1br4h post regarding his Memorex CD media, it bit the dust after 5 years. Perhaps my Taiyo Yuden DVD’s will meet the same fate in 5 years, but I still like my chances using that brand media.

To each his own . . . .