CloneDVD2 problem

Good morning/afternoon/night all. My question is this. I have backed up several of my movie titles with no problems with the whole slyfox suite. I just recently backed up Flyboys and when I go play the movie, the stupid director comments is what I hear with the actual movie softly playing in the background. I went to my options and clicked to turnoff the comments, but its like its not an option and I am wondering if this is due to something I am clicking or not clicking in CloneDVD2? Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong? Thanks for your help in advanced.

you may have [I]just[/I] copied the directors comments, can you reburn the movie and choose AC-3/6 in the audio settings screen

HoochiHolly -

Suggest viewing the below Forum posting concerning how to distinguish/identify the various Audio Streams contained on a DVD Movie. Note the comments in postings #6.


Already answered you in my other post, wouldnt want to make you read more that one post, heavens knows that would be one to many post for the super smart person you are.