CloneDVD2 problem 2

Hi, me again, I backed up a copy of Marine and everything seemed fine with this title exept when I am watching the movie, it seems that I have my volume maxed out just to hear the movie correctly. But it blares when there is an action scene so I find myself constantly lowering and raising the volume. Any ideas what I am doing wrong or what can be causing this? I have backed up many movies and it only does it on some titles. Am I checking something off in the audio part of the movie that I should be leaving? Thanks for any input you might have.

HoochiHolly -

Suggest viewing the below Forum posting concerning how to distinguish/identify the various Audio Streams contained on a DVD Movie. Note the comments in postings #6.

Quite possibly you have selected the “Wrong” Audio Stream of the DVD Movie. Suggest closely reviewing the above referenced Forum posting. Also as suggested in the above referenced Forum posting thread # 6 sample (listen) the various Audio Streams contained on a DVD Movie and select the particular Audio Streams contained on the DVD Movie that meets your requirements.


Thank you for the response. Alot of reading, but I get the jist of what Ollie is saying. My question then is, all or most of your are pre-playing your dvd’s on PowerDVD or the like before backing up with CloneDVD? Every single DVD?

I play them after I’ve ripped them before I burn just to be sure. Saved a few blanks that way.

You are using CloneDVD2 to rip the movie first? Explaine how you are doing this, which of the 3 options are you selecting to rip?

Doesn’t matter how you rip it. Sometimes I use CloneDVD2 , sometimes DVD Shrink but I never direct the output to a burner. I always go to DVD files & then burn separately with Nero , ImgBurn etc after I’ve made sure I’ve got what I want.

HoochiHolly -

You have 2 CD Freaks CloneDVD Forum postings concerning difficulties in how to distinguish/identify DVD Movie Audio Streams. I believe until you can definitively distinguish/identify the correct desired DVD Movie Audio Streams that you sample (listen to) the DVD Movie Audio Streams. The sampling of DVD Movie Audio Streams is not that difficult and only takes a minute or two to definitively distinguish/identify the correct desired DVD Movie Audio Streams. If you find that the sampling of DVD Movie Audio Streams is too difficulty or time consuming you can continue your present iffy hit or miss procedure you are currently using.


I am trying to figure what I am doing wrong here and your patronizing ways is not really appreciate. Sorry, but not all of us are genuises like urself Belooken!!! I’m sure a mechanic can say the same thing about overhauling an engine once he has done it enought times, it probabaly comes easy for him, but most of us we wouldnt know what to do. I am trying to learn, so please get off my back about how easy you might find it to do what you do and let me get the help I need, I thought this is what this forum was for. Not to belittle the person thats doing the asking. And this person is a senior member? What does that intail, unwarranted sarcasm? Man I can’t wait to ask a tough question, with your people skills though, probably will save it for where they know how to treat their inquiring stupid guest. Sorry I bothered.


Please don’t be put off by 1 member here who is clearly not behaving in a particularly helpful manner.

Typically when selecting which audio stream to use it’s most often the AC3 5.1 stream, other streams like directors comments tend to be AC3 2.0.

Not everything follows this which is why I’d always quickly play the resultant rip before burning.

Thank you TimC, sorry for the rant, I did not mean it to all the good people that have provided me with great responses in the past and their are quite a few of you and I do appreciate the feed back and the patience. Thank you again, I will need to go and get this PowerDVD and try what you and others suggested. :clap: :clap: :clap:

To BeLooken, the answer of how to resolve your “problem” is indeed very simple. Also, please be aware that many members get irratated if someone posts essentially the same question on two different threads. Not only is it against the forum rules, but a member feels that their efforts to help are in vain if other postings are being made on a same subject/same poster threads that they were not even aware of.

Choosing tracks will be soon be intuative to you also after a short learning curve. For people who choose to remove certain soundtracks (not me, I keep all tracks), you gotta learn how to distinguish … and BeLooken’s method is the correct one. Because if all the soundtracks of a movie are 2-channel tracks, and none are 6-channel tracks, how are you gonna be able to choose without listening to them?

Maybe this post I made on another forum will help you better visualize a solution to the audio-track selection problems you are having.

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BTW, PowerDVD may have come bundled with either your DVD-ROM or DVD Burner drives. Check and see if you already have it.


HoochiHolly -

I have suggested a very simple proven method to definitively distinguish/identify the various different audio streams contained in the particular DVD Movie you are attempting to processes.

Unless you actually sample (listen to) the various different audio streams you are only just guessing as to the continents of the various Audio Streams.

I have used the reference I provided to you numerous other times when other Forum Members stated they were have difficulties distinguish/identify the various different audio streams contained in the particular DVD Movie. I have never had a Forum Member go off in such a rant.

Since it appears you have some kind of chip on your shoulder this will be the lasts time I will respond to your Forum postings.


i actually PM’d MadBob who made the guide up for cdfreaks about the audio and directors comments a few months ago,

this is what he said

As a general rule always select AC-3/6 as this works on everything I have tried. Quite often AC-3/2 is the directors commentary. But it varies that much that there is no answer.

No chip on my shoulders, you were patronizing and insensitive in your sarcastic attempt at your response. And please if that is going to be your tone, then by all means stop responding to anyone cause your were down right crass. :iagree: :iagree:

Okay everyone lets keep this thread on topic, HoochiHolly, the members here are trying to help you or they would not have responded at all, keep that in mind. I will not tolerate flaming on this forum, consider this a warning.:cop: Lets keep the thread on-topic.

Can we let this rest now please.

Dear god, if the other thread is such a concern for redundancy, then please just delete it!!! I have never been to a forum where the people are so concerned with pointing to their guest just how dumb they think one is. Cause something is simple to you, it doesn’t mean its simple to everybody, please take the time to realize this and stop pointing this out to people like they are stupid for not knowing what you know. Thanks again to the few that had constructive information. I have learned a lot from this forum and others. Beenlooken, read your response. If it doesnt sound sarcastic and condecending to you, then by all means keep doing what you think is a good job. Don’t mistake that for wit.

I asked politely to keep the posts on topic, please do so.:cop:

NP Allen, just stating the obvious!!! :Z :Z :Z