CloneDVD2 & Open Season



I’ve used DVDFAB Decrypter and DVD Shrink 3.2 to rip Open Season to hard drive. I have opened up the file on the computer and the movie works just fine…BUT…when I burn to disc, using either Nero or CloneDVD2 (elby) the sound for the movie is only director’s commentary…no movie sound. I’ve even tried turning the commentary off using the menu but it doesn’t work. What do I need to do on CloneDVD2 to get my audio correct and get rid of this commentary b.s.??? Please Help!!


Rip the AC3/6 audio track instead of the AC3/2…


Hey man thanks for the advice. I did what you said and it worked perfectly. Now I know what to do from now on. Thanks again!


You’re quite welcome. Enjoy!