CloneDVD2 only shows one burner

Just installed a Samsung SH-S162L w/Lightscribe to go with my NEC ND-3520AW, both CD/DVD burners. Also installed Nero OEM that came with the Samsung. Now the NEC won’t read any disks but does burn fine. CloneDVD2 does not recognize the NEC now but only the Samsung. I suspect Nero has done something but it would be nice to get both DVDs working properly. Running XP Pro fully updated. Any quick fixes?

Finally got both drives working but only after uninstalling AnyDVD. CloneDVD2 now sees both drives. Have to experiment some more.

If you installed the 2nd drive AFTER Anydvd was installed, then you probably needed to go into anydvds settings and tell it to be active for the new drive. Since you have uninstalled anydvd, you should only have to reinstall it to get it to work. If not, check the settings in anydvd ad make sure it is active for all the drives.

Afraid that didn’t do it. Reinstalled AnyDVD and it worked for a while. At least I had two tabs on the Status tab I didn’t have before. Both units showed under equipment as they did before. Works fine for a while but eventually when putting in either a CD or DVD in the NEC it switches to “CD Drive” in My Computer and can’t read the disk. I open the drive and it reverts back to “DVD-RW Drive.” Beginning to think this is a Windows problem. AnyDVD can see the disk as a DVD but Windows won’t read it. Latest firmware on both drives. Investigating further.

I can only get this thing to work by having a DVD in the NEC drive on boot up. Then both drives work normally. A CD in the drive will not do it. I come across others with the same problem but no solutions. One referred to the imapi.sys file and Windows DRM with a hotfix only available through Microsoft Support. At least I can use them now.