CloneDVD2 odd screen look/partial

I recently updated to a new release of Clone Dvd 2 and noticed that for whatever reason…the screens seem to show part/partially the previous screen. Basically, as I scroll through to make a back up copy of a dvd, I can still partially see the screen before. It works the same and I have no problems with performance but for some reason the software views differently. Has anyone experienced this? Almost seems as if I am looking at two screens partialy at the same time. Thanks-

The program is setup like you are viewing a strip of film. I did experience this once or twice. Try resizing the window or reboot and see if it goes back to normal.

Oh, I see. Well this must have been a new idea recently added in the software. It makes perfect sense about the “roll of film”. Have you verified this is the cause or maybe Olli can verify. I have rebooted,ect to no avail. Thanks- Has anyone else seen this. The change came out of the blue.

I saw it the first time I downloaded it a few versions back. You must have changed your page size or screen display recently.

It’s been a “roll of film” since I started using CloneDVD. You just don’t normally see the other ‘frames’.

Have you tried the minimize/Maximize button? Does that help?

I really forgot how it happened to me. Maybe I just ignored it, I don’t think I had to reinstall, but that’s an option.

Maybe you have draged the corners a bit, drag them to your size then exit

Yes this is the problem open it and just drag the sides untill its correct…