CloneDVD2 not working



Just recently when I get to the page to go ahead and start the burn I get a message something to the effect, “file corrupted! run a virus scan”. I don’t know what file the program is talking about. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and I still get the error message. This has occurred with various movies, so it’s not the movie files that are the problem, it’s the program itself. Any ideas?


have you done a virus scan?

if that has come up clean then are you sure you’re reunning a legit copy of the program downloaded and PURCHASED form either elaborate bytes or slysoft?

what version of the program are you running?

the “file” that it refers to is the main .exe file (ie clonedvd.exe) it could be a virus that has altered this file (which is why they say to run a virus check) but it also could be a crack denoting an illegal copy of the software.

if you have no viruses and you’re running a LEGAL copy then you should email them directly with your proof of order information and maybe they can clear things up for you.


Try uninstalling the program and delete the whole cloneDVD directory to see if this helps. And, reinstall the program. Run a virus check as well. The reason that CloneDVD does this because it has been modified by a virus or something. It’s a simple integrety check. Try reinstalling your license to see if that helps.