CloneDVD2 not working with sony movies

I have the most updated clonedvd2 and anydvd software. I put in hitch(ws) or house of flying daggers (ws)and it keeps coming up invalid file size. this is the error message that pops up OSUtilIO [WString] TCE what is going on here? I even used dvd43 without much luck and i tried playing the dvd in my dvd drive with power dvd which it will play. Any clues on what to do? does it have to do with sony’s new decryption? region 1 by the way

See here for the Hitch thread:

I have read all thru it and it doesnt address my error messsage

What version numbers are you using?

use the latest version of anydvd, it works. or you can use dvdfab decrypter (it´s for free)

dvdfab decrypter worked!!! It put the movie on my harddrive then I was able to burn the movie from there using clonedvd2. Thanks I guess sony was putting dummy chapters on the origional dvd to make the file look too big to burn. Thanks Again!!

is my assumption correct?

I got it done w
o problem using dvd decrypter w\ shrink

@ rncan26,

Did you ever use the latest versions of AnyDVD v5.3.2.1 and CloneDVD v2.8.5.1 with whatever title DVD and attempt to make a back up copy of this DVD.

If the latest versions of AnyDVD v5.3.2.1 and CloneDVD v2.8.5.1 were unable to make a back up copy it is most likely because the original copy of the DVD you were attempting to copy had some type of mastering errors other than some type of encryption copy protection scheme when they were manufactured.

Dvdfab decrypter might have ignored these mastering errors and allowed copying of this DVD title but that doesn’t mean that the back up copy you made is a quality error free copy.

Encourage you to check your back up copy you made using dvdfab decrypter and CloneDVD with Nero CD-DVD Speed ( for errors. Below is a Forum Link that depicts in detail exactly how to use Nero CD-DVD Speed to check for errors. A quality back up copy will be error free.

Just because your back up copy currently plays in your DVD device doesn’t mean that it is error free. The goal of backing up a DVD is to have the most reliable error free copy that is possible. Your back up copy might be playable today in your present play back equipment but that doesn’t mean that it will be playable at a later date and in a different play back device. The goal is to successfully produce an error fee copy that will play in all various situations. Also if your back up copy has unknown errors it might not be possible to make a copy of your back up copy if the need ever arises.

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thanks for the info, I will definitely check for errors

Link doesn’t work :sad:

Hello Folks,

Sorry about providing a non-functional bad link.

The below link should work and provide information on how to use Nero CD-DVD Speed ( to check for disk errors.

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