CloneDVD2 Not using full dvd

I am using anyDVD and CloneDVD2 with their latest versions as of 7/28/06.

Burner: Sony DVD RW DRU-820 A 16x

Media: Sony DVD+R 16x

I have several titles that I have tried to backup, and when CloneDVD2 burns them, it only uses a portion of the dvd instead of the entire dvd.

Any ideas?


Are you sure the original DVD has data equal to the entire capacity of a DVD disc? Many don’t.

If that is not the case, CloneDVD has a small box at the lower right side of the slide show where you can enter the capacity of the disc under the slide show. Check to see it is matched to your medial usually DVD-5.

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That may just be the case. I checked to make sure DVD-5 was set. And then a test run on two dvd’s. One burned to the full dvd, the other was only partial.

Aegar -

On the CloneDVD “Quality” bar what is % displayed?

100% means that CloneDVD is not using any transcoding compression.

As chas0039 points out not all DVDs use the entire capacity of a DVD disc.


If the quality bar says 100% then the movie is probably short (1 1/2 hrs. +/-) and/or only has a 2 track audio. It may simply be giving you 100% but there is not enough info to fill the dvd.