CLoneDVD2 not ripping DTS?

I’ve tried two different DVDs, Eagles Hell Freezes Over and Santana Supernatural Live. CloneDVD shows that there is a DTS audio track and I have it selected when I rip, but I don’t seem to be getting the DTS audio in the VOB file. I have opened the file using VideoReDO, Zoomplayer and TheaterTek. None show DTS Audio. Yet if I play the DVD in my computer I get DTS audio. In the case of the Eagles, I am getting the LPCM track and in the case of Santana I am getting the AC3 track but no DTS in either case. If I select only the DTS track to rip, I get no audio at all. Any ideas what’s wrong?


If there is a dts track on the original and you do not have that track on a CloneDVD backup of that same original it is because you have made a mistake and deselected it in your CloneDVD choices. You must make your audio stream selection choices in [I]the right hand pane[/I] (not the left pane) of the audio & subtitles tracks selection page of CloneDVD. I.E., be sure to select and check the audio, in turn, for all of the title sets listed on the upper left pane of the audio selection page but make your actual audio selections, in turn, for each title set in the right hand pane.

But is there a chance that the dts track [I]is[/I] on your backup but you have just not selected it for play on your dvd player? A player will always default to dolby … you have to choose dts from the DVD’s menu or cycle through all the sound tracks with the audio button on your remote control.

Or your player & sound rig doesn’t decode dts …(?)

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CloneDVD does not “rip”, it only transcodes. Make sure you have selected all the audio tracks you want to include in the trasncoding operation. On the 2nd screen when you have the option to select audio and subs, verify everything is correct.

You have to be careful. If you have “DTS” selected BUT have “English” not selected and the DTS track is only in English, then it will not be selected. If everything is selected, then it should be included. It may not be the first audio track however, you may have to use your players “audio” selection to pick a 2nd or 3rd track, depending on how many the disc has.

Without getting too deep into semantics - I think CloneDVD2 does, in fact, “rip” - it just can’t decrypt a CSS encoded dvd. With a decryptor module running in the background such as AnyDVD, CloneDVD2 rips a dvd just fine.

Thanks for the replies. I’m new to all of this, so I apologize if my terminolgy is not quite right. Please correct me so I don’t sound like an idiot :cool:

Anyway, I selected everything on the right side, (and the left side) and still no luck. My audio decoder at the moment is NVIDIA but I’ve also tried AC3Filter. Tonight I just recorded Jackson Browne’s Going Home which had a Dolby Digital track, and after seperating out the tracks I wanted I discovered I’m only getting LPCM on this DVD as well. Ugh, spending so much time editing these music videos and then discovering I’m not getting the best audio track. I do get DTS and/or DD if I just play the DVD in my computer or I play the VOB files before I open them with VideoReDo. So the problem must be with VideoReDo. If I select the DTS track in VideoReDo I get no sound in VideoReDo or in Zoomplayer. Looks like VideoReDo is not the program I need to edit VOB files. Any suggestions on another program? (I guess I should search in another forum for editing programs :wink: )

I did get DD on anther DVD after editing with VideoReDo so it is possible.