CloneDVD2 no longer functions

I always update immediately upon automatic notification. Now every single backup “seems” to complete successfully. However, without exception every single one cannot be played in any player. I get immediate massive pixelation and stuttering, absolutely not viewable whatsoever.

Only two changes that I’m aware of. First, updates of CloneDVD2. Second, started using brand new stack of Verbatim DVD+R 16X I purchased at Best Buy. Have always used Verbatim with no problems.

I’m trying to find a spare blank from another batch to determine whether this is application or media related.

Anybody have any ideas? This is ridiculous.

OK, some additional information. I found a handful of Imation CD+R’s, and used one on Talladega Nights (one completed using the Verbatim not playable). The Imation backup played perfectly. I then started testing and I had 6 titles I’ve backed up using the new Verbatim media. All six will not play.

The Verbatim media was branded, shrink-wrapped, purchased at Best Buy.

Stamped codes include (so far)

PAPA02KA21190634 2
PAPA02KA21190633 1
PAPA02KA21190636 4
PAPA02KA21190747 3
PAPA02KA21190746 2

All from the same 50pk spindle.

Did I get a bad batch or is Best Buy selling clones?

Thanks! I’m just glad I seemed to have found a media issue rather than something else. OTOH, I’m now scared to buy ANY media.

Winpitt -

Have you ensured you DVD Burner has the newest most current up to date FirmWare installed? If your DVD Burner has old obsolete FirmWare, which doesn’t contain the write strategies for the new Media you just purchased can cause poor quality Burns. Below is PC Word article, which provides information on the importance of current up to date DVD Burner FirmWare ->

When providing information on DVD Media it is helpful to provide the MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) of the Media.

To obtain Media MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) use a software utility program similar to DVD Identifier ( or DVDInfo (

If you are burning to DVD+R media to improve playback/viewing compatibility it is recommended to Book Type Bit Set DVD+R Media to DVD-ROM. Does your DVD Burner support Book Type Bit Setting of DVD+R Media to DVD-ROM?

You seem to be apprehensive of purchasing DVD Media locally. Suggest purchasing you DVD Media on line. Rima.Com ( is an excellent source of Taiyo Yuden Media, which in many circles is considered top of the line high quality Media.

Also what speed are you Burning your Media? I have noted in some of your previous postings that you were Burning at excessively low/slow Burning speeds. Burning too slow causes just as many problems as Burning too fast. Using quality blank DVD Media and current up to date DVD Burner FirmWare you should be able to Burn Media at or slightly lower that the Media Rated Speed.