CloneDVD2 newbie question

I used AnyDVD along with CloneDVD2 to copy a movie, and ended up with the director’s cut audio. How can I tell the difference between selecting director’s cut audio and normal audio when making my settings?

When in doubt, grab both or burn to an RW disc and listen. Usually CloneDVD will indicate the director’s commentary, if that is what you are referring to. Also, it usually is 2 track as opposed to 5.1.

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AC3/6 is generally the main audio selection.
Do a search on this subject, for in depth information, as it has been covered numerous times

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The below CD Freaks Forum posting should provide information in how to correctly identify the various Audio Streams in CloneDVD.


Thanks to all for the info. I did choose the 2 channel soundtrack, thinking that I would simply have stereo audio with the 11% video quality increase that showed on the quality bar. Next time I’ll go for the 5.1 audio track.