CloneDVD2-Movie only-How to:

First you need a decrypter running in the background.
Here AnyDVD is used.
It is the ideal partner for CloneDVD2.
Insert disc to be backed up into source drive.
A ballon should pop up & tell you AnyDVD is scanning disc.
If you missed this, or want to check anyway. Do the following.

You can check whether AnyDVD is running in the background. See the Red Fox in task bar.

For more information simply click on Red Fox. You should get a window similar to below.

N.B. As the trial periods allow both AnyDVD & CloneDVD to be fully functioning. You too can follow this procedure.

[BREAK=Start CloneDVD2 + Selecting source DVD:]

Go to start menu > Elaborate Bytes > CloneDVD2 & click.

In main CloneDVD window select Copy DVD Titles button & click.

Next window click on Browse.

Click on My Computer.

Select source drive.

Click on OK button.

[BREAK=Menus & Settings:]

In this window you should see that only one title has been selected.
You may want to check the Preserve menus box. (Red oblong).
This may be necessary with certain types of DVD protection.
If unsure just do it.
As I have done a backup of this disc before, I am not going to do this.
Check the DVD size is correct. For SL media DVD5.
This is done via dropdown window, center bottom.
Also note quality scale to the right of this.
When doing movie only the Preview window is not really needed.

Click the Next button.

In this window you can further trim, should you so wish.
Subtitles, Editor’s comments, Languages.
Note the Quality bar setting is already very good @ 96%.

In this window you can see by unchecking the ‘director’s comments’ , ‘for visually impaired’ & ‘director’s comments’ (Subtitles).
The Quality bar now reads 100%.
Click the Next button.

[BREAK=Selecting Output (Drive) & Write Speed:]

In this window you should see options for output.
DVD files (Red oblong) can be useful for more than one backup. (One for the kiddies to use their own setup & one for the family media center).
If using this option, use either the Browse button (Black oblong) for finding a folder already on Hard Drive.
Or just type an entry for the file in the appropiate slot. Next to Browse button.
ISO/UDF image. Center button prefeered by some for storage/burning purposes. (Details of this to be found elsewhere).
DVD writer. Here the cursor can be seen hovering. To select DVD writer click this button.

In this window, simply select the DVD writer of your choice (if you only have one it is not a problem.)

Next using the dropdown window select burn speed.
This maybe controlled by the medias rating. However if using 16x rated media, most folk (depending on their setup) will select either 8x or 12x.
At first this can be trial & error.
i.e. If yor impatient (like me) & use the fastest setting, but then get playback problems. Simply repeat the backup process. But select a lower burn speed.
(Tip; If you’ve decide to keep the files, rather then going back simply uncheck the ‘Delete temporary video files after writing’ box.)

Click the Go button.

[BREAK=Checking the progress& closing application:]

With the Log tab clicked you can see a log of the procedure on the left of this window.
The progress bars will also show the progress of both the read (Creating DVD files[this may include compression if required]) & write (Write).
Note that if for reason you are going to have to leave your PC. You can by checking the ‘Automatically shut the computer down when done’ box. Leave the process running. Rather than cancelling process. On completion your PC will shutdown.



N.B. If using the same drive for both Source & Output, you should see this window.
Simply remove DVD & insert blank media.


Simply click on the Eject button. (See above)
Then click on Close. (See below)

Job done.

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