CloneDVD2 Media Write Error Write Dvd 10 11 w2

I have been using CloneDVD paired with AnyDVD for backing up copies of my movies for years now. I have used a wide range of discs (TDK DVD-R, SONY DVD-R, MEMOREX DVD+R, VERBATIM DVD-R, and SONY DVD+R as well as some others.)

Lately any use of a DVD+R disc results in a media write error. Write DVD 10 11 w2 is the error I get with CloneDVD2. My burner is compatiable with both -R and +R discs, and I am unsure of what may be causing these issues. I have burned on the +R discs and had no problems in the past, is is just all of a sudden.

Any ideas on what I can do to correct this issue so that I am again able to burn onto the DVD+R discs? I am very new to these forums, and do not know where to begin to find a solution to the issue!!!

First off what kinda burner and firmware are you using? How fast are you burning at and are you multitasking when burning? Is your HDD defragged properly? You started the thread but you left out the hardware for us to really know how you have it configured? Also what other burner software do you have installed? Also what kinda firewall and AV do you have installed? Also if you can tell us the exact software version your using.

I have a Matshita DVD-RAM UJ-841S. I believe the firmware is v1.5. I have tried not running anything during the burning process, as well as with other programs running. I have also tried burning at all different speeds, MAX, 16X 12X 8X 4X.

I have been trying Nero instead of Clone, but it seems to make the file to large to be put on the disc. But Nero seems to recognize the DVD+R where CloneDVD wont.

Do you have InCD installed in nero? Cause from my experience since I have nero that Incd caused conflicts with clonedvd and clonecd products. So if you have InCD uninstall it cause you won’t need it and cause other computer won’t be able to read formatted cd/dvd by InCD anyway. Can you tell me what version of Nero your using and is it updated to the lastest update of Nero? I have Nero and Slysoft installed on my computer and can switch between each one of them and haven’t experience the problem you have with burning different types of cd/dvd media. I use memorex, sony, fuji, verbatim, tdk, HP and the lot and don’t have much problem. I do on occasion have bad media with the lot cause maybe of the process they made the media but all in all they come well in my burns whether it’s burning backup movies or music. Only thing left would be how old is your burner and it reaching the end of it’s lifespan usage? I have all liteon burner units a old and trusty 832S and newer 20A4H unit of which both are working great together. Oh yeah forgot as well how do you have your burner setup and is the correct windows drivers running and what kinda cable are you using like 40 or 80 pin wire or sata?? I just think that the intensive use of a burner does eventually take a toll on all burner and could be time for a new burner if the above doesn’t fix the solution. But take that burner out and hook it up to another computer and see if the same problem doesn’t show up then you will at least know what is and isn’t the problem. Kinda long for diagnosis but one has to eliminate all the causes to prevent them from happening again in the future. Don’t know if true for your burner but if you ever get a power calibration error that is a sure sign that the drive is DOS(dead on the Scene) unit.

I just installed Nero this morning to see if maybe that would work. The problem started before I had Nero installed, so I am not sure thats the issue. Under Nero in the start menu, I do not have a program called INCD, so I think I didnt install that. Also ran a windows search and didnt fin any programs.

The burner is a couple of years old, and I hear that Mashitas are junk, os maybe it is the issue of my burner dying, but I just dont understand why I can burn on any DVD-R, its just the +R that gives me an issue. Is this normal in a dying burner?
The burner is setup in a Toshiba laptop (Satellite A105-S4074). I have burned on DVD+R discs in the past, so I know they work. I also downloaded DVDInfoPro, which told me that my drive was compatible with the +R discs.

Nero 9 is what I am running. I have read that Sonic RecordNow! can cause issues with CloneDVD, so I already tried uninstalling those programs. They are no longer on the system, and still same issues.
Also read to switch the Intel IDE under device manager to the generic windows version. Did that, still no luck :confused:

I guess I missed some information giving in previous threads:

Software Versions:

HDD is defragged, and I am running McAfee Security Center 8.1

Running Windows XP SP2

Ok, I have decided to just get an external DVD burner to use instead of my junk drive already installed. Do I need to search for a specific burner to be compatible with my Toshiba, or can I pretty much buy any I want?
I am looking at the LITE-ON Black & Beige USB 2.0 External Slim 8X DVD Drive with LightScribe Model eSAU208-01 and I think thats the one I want. Any things I should check before I go ahead and order it?
Thanks so much!!!

If you have a desktop you can buy and replace your internal drive with a newer drive as well. But your decision to buy what you want and need is your choice in the end. All we provide is advice and hardware experiences from our own experiences.

I believe rdxprincess has a laptop :wink:

Matshita drives are well known for being extremely media-picky, so I think an external drive is the way to go :iagree:

I would pick LG or Samsung (I have an older model external LG myself), but LiteOn are good too.

True, Matshita DVD-RAM UJ-841S is another crappy Laptop slimtype burner.

Time to buy an external & reliable burner.