CloneDVD2 locks up computer

I often have problems writing to TDK DVD +R discs. It seems that I almost never have a problem writing to Ridata DVD +RW discs. At the point that the +R is being set up to write it will often never start writing. The machine is locked up at this point and has to be rebooted. I made about 10-15 copies before I started having this problem. I would rather use the +R discs since most of my dvd players will read +R and not +RW. I have also tried writing from DVD data on the hd. same issues. I really like cloneDVD2 but don’t know what to do about this issue. Do I need to format the DVD +Rs first? I have an ECS K7S5A Pro mainboard with an I/O magic 8x burner running WnXP. Thanks for any help or advice.:confused: