CloneDVD2 issues - writing phase locking up

To all,

First post but I have been reading for a bit now… I have noticed all the issues around the updates for Anydvd and Dvdclone2. I ensured that I have the most recent version of both (any- & clone- and I have still issues that nobody else has mentioned, may its just me, but maybe not… Any how I used the trial version of these two programs during Christmas time and it work like a champ, copied all of Sex and City for my sisters and then when I got back from vacation I bought the programs and that’s when all the problems started happening. Basically when the writing portion of the Clonedvd program begins, the program locks up and my entire PC goes with it. I once left it over night to see what happens and count down timer read 1145 minutes remaining. I have ensured that AnyDVD is keeping the key archive and that all the other defaults are loaded into any & cloneDVD. Can any help with this because again all the issues that have been mention related to Clonedvd is close to this one? Thanks…


If you try something to burn, does this only happen with clonedvd or do you’ve similar probs with other apps?

To my knowledge this only happens while using DVDclone. I used Roxio yesterday to make a DVD of personal data and a DVD of Red vs. Blue (Xbox animated series). These two disks has no problems being created and burned.