CloneDvd2 issues on audio

I am using the latest version of Anydvd with Clonedvd2 on a Dell XPS M170 with a NEC dual burner. I have noticed on movies I make from Blockbuster, that the audio level in the movies (not all) will sound low in parts of the movie and will continue at the normal rate of audio in the movie. I do not know if this is an error in my software or what? I have not tested other software out there because if it aint broke dont fix it, lol. Well other then that I can copy any dvd out there and it plays great. I am using very well known dvd +r media called TAIYO YUDEN 8x DVD+R. Now I have been burning at 8x, which is my max on the media and also at 1x. I have not determined persay on if it happens or not with the audio issue. Has anybody had the same issue as mine. Or should I look into a different software for dvds? Please help me if u can. U can reach me on yahoo/aim= y2k6669


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