CLONEDVD2 how do I decide how to fit a DVD onto a Blank



I realise that You cant always fit a DVD onto a blank and that you may need to split a DVD up into 2 discs etc. But how can you tell this from looking at the Clonedvd dialogue boxes. I can see how to customise the capacity of the blank i am using by adjusting the quality setting to custom and entering the size of the blank but how do i know how much space the DVD i am backing up will take up? You need to know this surely before you start making decisions about what not to copy or whether to split it up into 2 or more discs…yes? Its no good making a copy to the hard drive and then getting the message that the medium yuo have available is not big enough when you try to burn it!


Right click on the drive that has the disc in it and hit properties. If it is over 4.3Gb, it is too big to fit on a single layer disc. Use DVD Shrink. It is free and easy to use. If you take just the film and not the extras, you’ll get better quality.


Select DVD-5 mode in CloneDVD. Select the movie title and sound track that you want to keep (usually main movie and AC 3/6 audio). Now check the quality bar the bottom. If you see 100%, then there is no compression and the ENTIRE movie will fit into one DVD-5 disc. If you see 80%, then CloneDVD must compress the original DVD by 20% to fit to one DVD-5 disc. I usually split the movie at 80% picture quality.

To split the original movie, use the back button to go to the main movie selection screen and click on the scissor incon. Go to the ends of the orange bar to select the chapters you want burn to the DVD. These chapters will appear in the upper right, next to the movie title.