CloneDVD2 hasn't been updated for like almost 3 or 4 months now

if you are Olli’s email pal, ask him if he is working on CloneDVD as many have speculated.

don’t push him, Olli’s fine and probably working hard, hopefuly to bring us another great product :bow:
but it was good with him coming on here giving us a helping hand :clap:

Thank you for informing the forum, that Olli is doing fine.
His unselfish contributions to the forum have helped many.

I really wasn’t concerned with him working on CloneDVD, it works fine for me. I believe if he wanted to be bogged down with alot of the same CloneDVD question he would have responded by now.

I e-mailed wishing everything is fine with him and his family. I do remember him saying in other post that he comes here for recreation but some started to feel it was his responsibility to respond.

@ Whisperer1, what’s with the “if”? You don’t believe me?


Of course I believe you… you’re reading too much into a word. Could just as easily writen “since”. I come from Hawaii; our English is more casual.

Best regards


I was only kiddin :stuck_out_tongue:
About the “if”

Thanks HAMP, looks like I’M the one reading to much into words!
I’ve always enjoyed your posts.
I love CloneDVD and AnyDVD.
I miss Olli like we all do.
I think the next CloneDVD update will be such a killer version that we will all feel obligated to pay again! :clap:

By way of introduction:
I’m from Honolulu but live L.A. now. I started posting here only about a month ago but have been a Senior member at Afterdawn for a few years. AD even made me a mod but I resigned after a month because I couldn’t keep up with the demand (daily life, ya know?). I was a big fan of DXC up to version 1.5.2 but with the Platinum abomination and 321’s demise, my friend Ireland switched me to CloneDVD. I’ve popped in daily to cdfreaks for about a year and 8 mos but only for a good read and to find out how to resolve new CSS issues.

Great forum.
Great people.
Glad to be here.

No Problem! You will find some jokesters around, even Ollie had a few here and there.

I had guessed you and most already knew about me doing it every once in awhile.

HAMP, I am very glad you took the lead and confirmed that Olli is doing alright.

I have lurked here at CDFreaks for quite a while and have seen Olli solve many problems in that time.
BTW, it is nice to know that a person is doing O.K. on a personal level even though they no longer post in a forum.

Indeed, Olli’s products are very good but if he never made another improvement in them it would be fine by me, just as long as he and his family are fairing well.