CloneDVD2 hasn't been updated for like almost 3 or 4 months now

Have you guys noticed that CloneDVD2 hasn’t been update for quite awhile now?

as you know,software updates are making for correcting bugs and making for adding new features
so frequent updates are scaring me
that is good to hear there is no update for clonedvd2 because it means there arent many bugs and it makes me happier,dont you happy? :slight_smile:

Your gonna hear it again! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. :slight_smile:

And I don’t know if you noticed that " Olli " has been missing from the forum for about that lenght of time. Since he is the Author of Clone2, maybe he is on vacation or he is not with the company anymore. I am not saying either is true, just speculation but it seems odd that he is gone and there have been no updates.

What’s there to update? You haven’t heard too many complaints either, the few you hear turn out to be user mistakes. It’s the decrypters (like AnyDvd) that need regular updates to crack new wrinkles in protection.

I agree, it is just Ollis absence that has me puzzled. The program works fine.

While I agree CloneDVD doesn’t seem to have any bugs, there have been feature requests that could be implemented. Even Olli agreed that a bunch of them were a good idea and that he was going to add them. So, in the absense of doing a bunch of bug fixes, new functionality should definitely be a priority. His absense is definitely a mystery and we can only hope that nothing bad has happened to him.

I’m sure Olli’s OK.
Since CloneDVD is working so well, maybe he now has some extra time to work on those goodies that were requested.

Hello Folks,

I am quite sure that Olli and the folks at Elaborate Bytes are working on improvements to the CloneDVD software program. Olli and Elaborate Bytes have demonstrated that they strive to ensure that CloneDVD is a quality, stable, easy to use program.

Best Regards,

Everbody saying somethings my friends
the best way is to know about Olli and CloneDVD2
someone should tell him directly about cdfreaks ‘CloneDVD2 hasn’t been updated for like almost 3 or 4 months now’ thread
i hope he would answer our questions about cloneDVD2 and of course about him :))

you know, I just hope he improves the transcoder at least, cause recently I am been having problems backing 2 to 3 hour movies

I speculate that he is working on splitting a disk at the layer break of the original rather than just at the end of the closest chapter to the real layer break. I remember him saying he liked the idea because it would help both DL backups and split SL backups on some particularly data packed originals.

Also maybe adding -R DL to the drop-down “Output Size” menu.

Anyone remember what the other requested features were that he actually said he liked and may want to implement?

Or maybe he hasn’t been around because he met a nice girl?

I still wish he improved the transcoder though

Why don’t you burn DL or split onto two SL? That’s a whole lot of data to put on one 4.37 GB disk!

Olli was a regular poster here for a long time. I just find it odd that he has disappeared without a trace. His last activity per his profile was August 4th, 2005. His last post was July 22, 2005…something about 1clickdvd being at fault in a problem rip.
Hope he didn’t tick off someone high up the ladder with that comment and they in turn stopped him from posting here.

But hey this is all just conjecture at this point in time.


I think he disappeared around the time we had a discussion about how people think he runs elabrabytes. I explained that because he “authored” CloneDVD and CloneCD, and he was posting as the only representative of Elby, 1.) it looks like he is Elby, 2.) he looks like he speaks for Elby.

He was getting annoyed by everyone saying: “You should sue this other CloneDVD (.net)” Since he’s not Elby: “why would I sue?” I was trying to explain that when people are saying “You” to him, that he should understand that we see him as Elby, and bottom line we are looking out for him, his company, his/their product.

Too early in the morning, I think I just explained the same thing 3 different ways… Does it make sense?

Anyways, I haven’t seen him since that time. IMO- Either he does not want to be viewed as the head of Elby, or Elby told him not to post anymore. Or he’s on vacation and I’m just paranoid. Either way, I miss him.

another cool feature would be like DVD Shrink’s feature, you know Deep Analysis and AEC Settings, to improve quality, Nero Recode doesn’t have those features, it only has High Quality Mode

I was guessing he was taking a long break from it all or working on another big project. For the people who are truly concerned with Ollie and not just the product like I was. I decided to send him A e-mail and hopefully get a cheerful reply with nothing gone wrong.

He has replied with everything is fine and he is flattered that everyone is concerned.
He didn’t explain why he is not posting and I really didn’t ask, I only asked was everything going ok.

I am glad to hear everything is fine with Ollie, I imagine he just needed a break for a while. it gets old answering the same questions over and over all the time.