Clonedvd2 hangs at 100% flushing buffers writing borders



Clonedvd2 v, anydvd v, winXP SP2, sony dru 710a firmware BYX2
Disk is copied and writes to 100% and then hangs on flushing buffers and writing borders.
I can not close clonedvd without restarting computer.
I’m kind of suspecting the latest firmware update (BYX2)
Does this with verbatim and memorex disks.
DMA enabled

Any ideas?


I have used Verbatim with succes with above named versions. Check if your burner is compatible with these dvd’s or try another brand.


Yeah,…er…the program causes my XP Pro to freeze from time to time. The good news is that if this happens at the 100% time, you will usually find the disc is OK and you don’t have a coaster. It is a little untidy to then have to do a hard reboot, but what can I say… life isn’t perfect. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the input.
The problem is solved!
Drive was hooked up with external Firewire Unit.
I remember now that I successfully recorded one DVD before I flashed the latest firmware update.
Nero couldn’t even do the lead out on copying files and audio CD’s.
Out of desperation I intalled the drive in the computer.
Now all is OK.
For some reason the latest firmware upgrade did not like external firewire.