CLoneDVD2 "freezes" when flushing borders?


I have searched the forum and can’t find an answer to this, if there is a post which deals with this please refer me.

What is happening is…

I have used several version of CloneDVD2, it images the DVDs ok, and writes ok, when it gets to the point of flushing borders it “freezes”. The DVDs are fine it is just a pain to get them out, rebooting etc…

Any suggestions? :confused:

My burner is LG 461GW-A4161B using windows XP.


pls help…

Could be lots of things. RAM,virtual memory,overclocking,defrag,software conflicts etc…Need some specs on your pc and software you have.

Hi Rolling56

Thank you for your response. Here is some more info to help you help me. :stuck_out_tongue:

This system isnt actually mine, its a buddies and its my old system, and I burnt fine with a NEC burner and cloneDVD. I am assuming then it is a conflict with another piece of software. He has mostly the same software I had except he uses power DVD, Mozilla Firefox, and has games I didnt have. What types of software would cause a conflict, would it be software for DVD or any piece of software

Can it be a firmware update he may need?

I don’t have a LG drive so i have no idea on the f/w. You might look in LG forum and see if someone posted a newer f/w or go to LG’s site. As far as software conflicts. Roxio is no good seems to conflict with alot of s/w. To many different burning apps will cause problems on some systems. It’s going to be kind of trial and error on your part.
Is the drive running in UDMA 2 or higher mode?
Can you burn a disc using another s/w with no problems?
Can you put your NEC back in and see if that helps?
Does your friend defrag often?
Might uninstall Clonedvd2 and re-install.
Just some ideas for you to try. If you find the problem please post solution here so someone else with same problems can try it.

“The DVDs are fine it is just a pain to get them out, rebooting etc…”

Could you expand on this? Do you have to reboot to release the drive so you can get the disc out?

I had this issue, it would stop before burning and hang there. It turned out it was bad discs. I actually had an entire spindle of bad DVDs, the online company I got them from replaced them at no charge. I just had to send them the bad ones.

Interesting. Thanks for the post! I’ll have to remember that.
krc10 > What type of discs is he/she using? Have your friend try different media. Mainly some TY02’s or Verbatim if possible.

YES, i bet that is it

They are cheap disks.

and yes he does have to complete reboot in order for the drive to open so he can get the disk out

Im going to have him try this

Thank you all so much for the help!!

This is a great forum with great people

Let us know if it was the cheap media.

I will, thanks again