CloneDVD2 Freezes when burning

Environment: - Asus 'board, 1300mhz amd athlon, 1 gb memory, tons of hard disc, Sony 510a w 1.1 firmware (speed selector in firmware set to “silent” which rips and burns to -r media @2x), WinXP-sp1, CloneDVD2 2094. Using Ritek 4x and TDK 4x dvb-r media.


  1. rip video from dvd to hard disc with DVD Decryptor. works great.
  2. transcode video files from d: drive to c: drive with CloneDVD2. works great. btw, transcoding from the d: drive to the c: drive with version 2094 (instead of having both source and target files on the same drive) seems to have eliminated the video artifacts which occasionally showed up in my initial testing/burns.
  3. burn to dvd with CloneDVD2 (write existing files option - speed maximum, but keep in mind the drive burns at 2x no matter what as a result of the firmware setting). This is where the problem occurs.

Problem: sometimes the burn process works fine and will burn an excellent quality complete dvd in around 25 to 30 minutes. sometimes at some point during the burn process, CloneDVD2 will still appear to be burning away, but no progress is being made, and the drive has actually stopped burning, and will sit there forever like this. The only way out is to cancel CloneDVD2 via task manager. Lately it seems to occur in the 55% to 70% completed range. This problem comes and goes. Last night the program worked fine for 3 complete dvd burns, and then promptly froze at the 58% completed mark of the 4th dvd - giving me another coaster for my collection.

I’ve read comments from others who have run into this on other forums, but never seen a definitive cause or way to fix it. Some things I thought I might check this weekend:

  1. someone talked about issues with dma vs. pio settings. what is the correct/best settings? how about Promise ata100 channels and settings?
  2. ollie trashes all IDE busmaster drivers. could this be an issue? I don’t recall doing anything special when I reloaded this system (ie. I expect it is running whatever standard xp drivers were on the op system cd).
  3. should I try creating images and burning from them?
  4. should I just give up on the CloneDVD2 burn engine and try loading up my Roxio EMC7 program and doing the burning with that?

Maybe it’s time to try a different process/series of steps, but I always had such good performance from CloneCD in the past, I thought for sure CloneDVD would be as reliable for me on my system.

Any ideas or suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

Maybe you could try the latest version of CloneDVD2:

Are you suggesting that because this is a known issue/problem/bug with CloneDVD2 and you know it has been corrected in the latest update?
Or are you suggesting - “when in doubt, try an update if there is one and see if that helps”.

There have been some issues with IDE busmaster drivers which were fixed in later releases. Not sure, if it will fix your problem, but it indeed might.

OK - tried that - version 2454 - same problem.
Last night it burned 4 rw media successfully in a row.
This morning it burned 2 -r media, then . . . freezes on the 3rd one at 11% done - while burning from files which the program has burned successfully before - to recordable media (TDK -R 4x) - no error messages - program continues ad nauseum but makes no progress - hard disk and dvd burner are doing nothing.
I guess it’s time to switch to a different burning engine/program and see if the problem persists.
Thanks much for your comments and attempts to assist.

I am now burning with the Disc Copier section of Roxio’s EMC7. So far, all works well consistently - not a single problem. Even using files which were created by CloneDVD2’s transcoding process.
So, I guess there is a problem in the CloneDVD2 burning engine - at least it does not run reliably on my WinXP/sp1 system, so I’ll stick with the Roxio burning engine.
Thanks for your help and comments.

Did you have Roxio’s installed when all this trouble began? Roxio’s is well known (at least in the past) for causing problems with other burn programs!

BTW, I don’t use Clone’s burn engine, either. I use Clone (along with Shrink & Decrypter) to create an ISO. I then use Decrypter to do all my burning from ISO.

No - as part of my testing, I removed all other burning software on my system. And I always keep XP’s native burning capabilities disabled.
CloneDVD2 was making coasters all by itself!
As of this message - Roxio’s EMC7 is still burning video dvd’s flawlessly.

Just a quick update - I am still having absolutely no problems burning dvd’s using Disc Copier in EMC7,so I really think CloneDVD2 has some sort of issue - at least on my system (and based on a couple of others posts - others also). CloneDVD2 runs and transcodes just fine - the issue seems to be strictly in the burning engine.

Software can be quite a challenge some times, take SP2 for instance. Many have installed with no issues, some have had minor issues, and some major issues.
All depends on the hardware and software and how they shake hands.
I myself have one very minor issue with SP2, that I can’t solve, so I learn to live with it.

I think ClonedDVD2 is the best, very consistent and having burned over 200 DVD’s, I only had one it could not decode, for that I used Decrypter but burned it with CloneDVD.

Since your problem seems to be with the burning portion you can always use another burning program to do that, CopyToDVD is a nice simple and efficient program that was the burning engine for DVDXcopy. My favorite feature of CloneDVD is the ability to keep the menu option, I know of no other program that does this in such a simple fashion. Depending on your needs, if the menu portion is important, decode with CloneDVD and burn with another program.
If I were in your shoes I would try to find the root of your problem and through experimentation I would only burn DVD R\W, much cheaper that way, albeit time consuming. I have burned many DVD’s with a R\W for movies I was unsure of, if they turned out well I would just burn them to a regular DVD. Good luck with your decision.

I agree with your comments and already have a routine which works for me similar to what you are advocating:
. rip with DVDDeCryptor
. transcode with CloneDVD2 to video_ts folder
. burn with DiscCopier in EMC7.
The resulting dvd’s burn 100% reliable, and are excellent quality.
I may try DVDShrink or EMC7 for transcoding sometime.
It’s unfortunate that CloneDVD2 as a burning engine is so unreliable on my system, because I like the interface.

I burned a movie last night using CloneDVD2 (latest) on to a DVD-RW. It seemed to be going well until CDVD2 froze with 50 seconds to go. I had to do a reset of the PC as nothing I tried would cause CDVD2 to quit (not even bringing up the task manager).

I expected the burn to have failed, but it didn’t. The disc had been burned as required. For some reason, CDVD2 did the job, but wouldn’t quit.

I have been using the program for a couple of months now, and the intermittent freeze during burning (not necessarily at the end) is the only problem. As I usually burn to DVD-R, this means I make a few coasters.

Maybe I should use Nero to burn?

Being a computer novice, it seems I just won’t be able to use CloneDVD2 (and therefore not buy - I’ve got the trail now). I’ve had it freeze while buring 75% of the time, crash the whole compuuter while reading, etc. I’ve got 7 ruinined DVDRs now. Anyway, I’ve got DLA installed from some program, but I tried removing it before and then I couldn’t even burn CDRs. Everything in this thread sounds fairly complicated (ripping with one program, transcoding with another, and buring with yet another). All I’m trying to do is backup some educational DVDs for my hgih school students to watch in class (National Geo, Discovery, political stuff, etc.)

If anyone knows of an easy, one program to rip and burn, let me know. I used to use DVD X copy but even that doesn’t work anymore. While it did, it was great.


The problem is, that your computer is “a mess”. No program is going to work until you check your hardware.