CloneDVD2 errors with discs rebuilt with DVD-RB

DVD-Rebuilder is becoming a popular frontend to re-encode DVD9 discs to DVD5 using CCE. I still use CloneDVD2 to pre-process my discs to remove trailers and foreign languages. I was playing around with my target sizes in DVD-RB and ended up with a 4.39 gig encode. I tried to use CloneDVD2 to do a simple transcode and reduce it somewhat and it errored out with “unexpected error” and details indicate “module 1 navigationpack.ccp 291 TCE”. I tried this same process again on a different DVD that was re-encoded with DVD-Rebuilder and received the same error message. DVD Shrink had no problems with the DVD-Rebuilder encodes.

Just thought I would pass the information along.