CloneDVD2 error

Any idea what this CloneDVD2 message means.

Processing Stopped : PS 9 Video 397522 TCE



This is a very low level encoding error of the program stream packets.

Would you please provide us with a little more information, so that we are able to reproduce the problem?

We are interested in the name/region code of the DVD and the associated logfile (click on right mousebutton in the log window on the processing page to save it). Please post logs to bugs(at)

When the error message was displayed, I simply acknowleged it and restarted the process without exiting CloneDVD or checking the source disk. The disk was disk 1 of the sopranos, season 3, region code 1.

It has not occurred since but if it does, I will be sure to post the logfile as requested.