CloneDVD2 error

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Tried backing up Kung Fu Hustle, without success.
Proves there a first time for everything.
This disc is region 2 & have forwarded the info to elby.

@ zebadee,

Below are just a few of the Forum posting I found concerning making a back up copy of Kung Fu Hustle. As you can see by viewing these Forum links some Forum Members were successful in making back up copies and some were not. This generally means that during the manufacturing process of Kung Fu Hustle some copies were defectively manufactured meaning that mastering errors were unintentionally induced during the manufacture process. The only viable action is to return the original suspect commercially manufactured DVD title Kung Fu Hustle and request a replacement or refund.

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Thanks bjkg.
Done some playing around & can rip to hd using DVD Decryptor. But then shrink won’t touch it, CloneDVD 2 gets to 99% then error.
Gonna change disc & see what happens.
BTW Using CDSpeed transfer rate unrecoverable error pops up.

zebadee and all,
But you got to 99% on the burn right? Or did you mean 99% on the rip? If you meant the burn, that indicates to me a pet theory I’ve been suppressing to post about. Partly because I have a very high read count but a low post count on THIS great forum and it goes across the grain of the advice and conclusions of some pretty high ranking member’s. :bow:

About this sudden rash of defective originals… :disagree:

My theory is that everyone is trying to rip too fast because the DVD-ROM technology has gotten so fast and we want to cut our time by ripping TOO fast just because it is possible. We all know to slow down for light scratches and flaws but maybe we need to slow down for pristine condition DVD’s too. This is 3 to 8GB of data we have to read perfectly to go to burn stage! I think 4X - 6X for a rip speed is a much more accurate read.

What if, when we all went back to the store and demanded a replacement for the “defective” original, we were just luckier to get a better rip and maybe the first original was not defective?

AnyDVD has a “Slow&Easy” setting for all detected drives. CloneDVD has no speed control that I can find. But I have ripped problem movies in my A05 burner which reads at only 4X and gotten a rip that my 16X Lite-On ROM failed at. As you know, burners are generally optimized for writing speeds, not ripping speeds. Could just slowing down a rip be the solution to the “defective DVD” problem posts.

I’d love it if someone tried a “slowing it down test” before exchanging a DVD. I can’t test my theory because I’ve never had a defective original … and I’ve backed up alot of movies! It never occured to me a movie could be defective: I have resolved all of my problem backups by assuming the original HAD to be perfect. This assumption forced me into a mindset where I HAD to find other solutions because I never considered returning the DVD till I read such posts on cdfreaks.

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PS: As far as the 99% freeze thing on a burn I’ve always attributed that to flawed outer edges (manufacturing quality) of a particular media so I now just adjust the custom output size to less than the theoretical capacity of the blank disk when I (rarely) encounted the 99% freeze. Have not had that problem since standardizing on Sony 1-8X -R media.

i copied it to hard drive using dvd fabdecrypter but the only way i could copy it was to just copy the film with no menus or extras. then i would get errors trying to compress it with clonedvd2 and shrink and nero recode2 and when you go to play the film it takes about 30 seconds for it to start very strange.anyone done a full copy of it

My Kung Fu Hustle is region 1, and I can copy it with AnyDVD & CloneDVD2, but that doesn’t mean anything. What country is your R2 version from?

Hi :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:
Sorry Whisperer1 I’ve just realised I didn’t reapond to your post. The 99% I referred to was the rip.
Slysoft have sent me a solution that works.
Lets hear for those folks at Slysoft, :clap: :bow: :iagree: :bow: :clap:

Glad to hear you got it worked out.
Can you share with us the solution Slysoft provided, might be beneficial for someone doing a search with a similar problem.

Judging by the number of burners you own I’m sure you tried the disk in several of them with the same failed result. As you well know, some burners are better readers than others.

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Yes I was thinking about it.(AnyDVD appears to have sorted things anyway)
However, firstly I believe my original discs were faulty. Pressing quality!?

Thank you for your message.

Please do the following:

Open the AnyDVD settings (click on the fox icon in the system tray). Go to the “CSS” tab and deactivate the option “CSS Archive”. Ok.

Eject the DVD.

Close CloneDVD.
Activate AnyDVD.

Insert the DVD.

Open the Windows Explorer. Go to the DVD drive.
Draw the Video_TS folder to a location on the hard drive.
Wait until the copy process is done.

Then burn the Video_TS folder with the “Write Existing Data” button in CloneDVD.

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Peter Nord
Elaborate Bytes Support
I don’t use Windows Explorer, but same still applied to Task Commander.
This is fine for full backup to dual layer.
I found that you can use either Copy DVD Titles or Clone DVD, if you only want film backed up. Or just have single layer discs.
Thanks once again to all @ Elaborate Bytes & Slysoft.

zebadee you stated:
“Yes I was thinking about it.(AnyDVD appears to have sorted things anyway)
However, firstly I believe my original discs were faulty. Pressing quality!?”

No dis intended, but how can you make the assumption that your first purchase was faulty? You exchanged the movie for a replacement correct? So you tried and the support suggested method on the replacement right? Not the first purchased original.

I just don’t think that there can be THIS many defective DVD’s to account for the sudden rash of advice to exchange the originals over the last couple of months. As per my post #4 above (please read again but disregard the 1rst paragraph about the 99% thing which you corrected me on).

I think the problems are either:

  1. new authoring structures
  2. new encryption variations
  3. or we are just ripping too damn fast.

In this case, I think the answer was 1, 2 or both. And we just need to wait for Slysoft or Elby to catch up in a day or two with solutions. But it can’t be thousands of defective originals on dozens of different movies! That’s just can’t be … like looking for too simple a reason and missing the real cause.

Valid reasoning or not?

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Hi :slight_smile:
Saving this till w/e. Went back to AnyDVD here are results.

Hi :slight_smile:
Still with AnyDVD Showing those guys know their stuff. :bow: :clap:

Hi :slight_smile:
Neighbour purchased said DVD from the same place as my originals. The result was identical to my 2 last posts. So no, it looks like disc’s weren’t faulty.
As rippin speed was set to max (> 16X with MCSE) I don’t feel your suggestion # 3 applies. However that still leaves 1 & 2 as possible.